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(n) Music Serial compositions.
(n) musical The theory or composition of serial songs.
(n) Music, especially through the 20th century, for which motifs are derived from an absolute purchase of records of an equal-tempered scale.

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A pointlessly painful means for intellectuals to imagine they can compose so-called songs. Enjoyed by individuals who, by way of example, location bits of cow turd onto the end of a stick and hang it above their mantelpiece, asserting it is a metaphor for existentialism in Barnsley. by Dorethea KrickReport definition
By the Late Romantic period songs had become so incredibly bad so lengthy it was decided it had been no more to be remaining in the hands of individuals (vulnerable to emotional outburst roughly similar to general public masturbation), in addition to duty would be to be passed away to maths. This was because numbers don’t have actually feelings and less likely to want to harbor delusions of grandeur. by LeopoldoReport definition
its something which the composers when you look at the twentieth century can think about.It is something which has been studying when you look at the music conservatory.It is something that may be use as device by composers.You can replace it with "anything" once you think it might be "serialism". It really works. Don't simply take a risk of being an idiot. by Malika BrumitReport definition
one of many worst some ideas in traditional songs (the other being minimalism), serialism takes the most mechanical form of atonality, dodecaphony and bases not merely pitches, but characteristics, register, and rhythm on rows the composer inverts and manipulates to create alleged songs. It really is like writing a novel by firmly taking a sentence and rearranging the letters into every feasible means except one that tends to make any sense.The outcome is a chaotic, soulless mess that seems like two cats clawing eachother to death. Serialism requires small genuine skill since in spite of how you are doing it, the end result will always sound the nearly equivalent. It isn't unreasonable to speculate that serialism was invented by composers that has no real ability or ability and needed a way to protect that fact up. Serialism is a disgrace to classical songs and makes even rap sound great in contrast. by Karina KrampReport definition

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    • serial music
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    • 12-tone system, twelve-tone music, 12-tone music, twelve-tone system
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    • music
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