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Ronkonkoma, lengthy area, ny.You know you have truly LIVED here when:you went to either Samoset, Seneca, or Sequoya.you moved to/attending North or South.you stroll home alot, while having noticed that all the potheads do also.you're buddies with some potheads.you are a pothead.handball courtroom at raynor, need i state more? your name is somewhere situated on a table at raynor.you wouldnt dare to swim when you look at the lake.youve been from the dock.youve held it's place in the Shell fuel station.youve gone to the McDonalds drive-through.riteaid<3wendys is cool, mcdonalds good, but everybody knows BURGER KING OWNS~!regal and smithaven are very popular.youve experienced price town a lot.RIP gettystation<3it all falls on hawkins/portion and pond ronkonkoma roadway. by MarilynnReport definition
A happenin spot to be. by Deidra FergusReport definition
an enormous alcohol induced crap one takes after a surplus duration of experience amazing. Medical indications include: extra gasoline and drowsiness. by Jenny NicolosiReport definition
we live in a town known as Ronkonkoma, in which obviously the ingesting age the following is 12 and medicines tend to be legal. The Ronkonkoma cops have nothing safer to do to their time ..so they want to kick you off areas when its after "dusk". If a cat is caught in a tree... we might need 6 or 7 cops for the.. and here in the bold city we are in need of under cover cops and Suv's .. you understand cause were that bad in this small town. "BEER" yeah thats hidden in shrubs and conserved for the next weekend. Wendys additionally the getty gas place is where most of the bums go out and drink countless alcohol and yell at young ones.. as well as yes on a Saturday or Friday evening.. 80percent of Ronkonkoma is most defantely DRUNNNKKKK..... Ronkonkoma = ALCHOLICS.. you will find ahbout 16 taverns in ronkonkoma, each in walking distance from a single another....Ronkonkoma ended up being intended for YOUNGER DRUGGIES AND ALCHI'S :).................... AND ANYONE WHO LIVES IN RONKONKOMA... if you notice a huge clan of stupid skateboarders, remember to run-over their boards since they're the absolute most irritating group of 8 12 months olds you are going to previously meet. Ronkonkoma is the place in which 10 year olds can now do above I am permitted to at this present age, ronkonkoma sucks!! by Thea WinbushReport definition
Ronkonkoma is a lower middle income location that is infested with medications and criminal activity. Heroin needles and vacant liquor containers are obtainable privately on most roads. That said, the individuals listed below are friendly and outgoing. It is the large amount of dopeheads who cause most dilemmas. by Danelle CuddyReport definition
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