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(v) To set free of confinement, restraint, or bondage: circulated the prisoners.
(v) To free from something which binds, fastens, or keeps right back; let it go: circulated the balloons; circulated a flood of concerns.
(v) To discount, as from a job.
(n) A deliverance or liberation, because from confinement, restraint, or suffering.
(n) An authoritative release, since from an obligation or from prison.
(n) An unfastening or letting go of something caught or held quickly.
(v) To lease once again; to give a brand new lease of; to allow right back.
(v) To let go (of); to cease to put on or include.
(v) To make available towards the public.
To let loose; set free of restraint or confmement; liberate, as from prison, confinement, or servitude.
To free from pain, attention, trouble, grief, or any other evil.
To clear of responsibility or punishment: as, to discharge one from debt, or from a promise or covenant.

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To get rid of a large amount of fluid one one go. by Lynwood CowanReport definition
The male equivalent to "snatch". by Herbert DeesReport definition
production is when you've got achieved the point of orgasm and "release" your sperm from tip of the erect penis. by CassieReport definition
the best reggae song to ever be done and written...it is through the group seeed by MandyReport definition

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    • free, let go, liberate, disengage, extricate
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    • hold
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    • production, transfer, test, source, report
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