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1. one that chills so hard they hustle chillinga) weed (or any other) dealers- smokes weed right through the day and gets to chill from day to night and the better they truly are at getting other individuals ahead chill using them and smoke cigarettes more weed the harder they hustle the chillb) rapper- lives a life of chilling, smoking grass, perhaps gang-banging, working-out, playing/watching activities and other things that by day then hanging out, performing medicines, drinking, and achieving intercourse when the sun goes down, all supported by their capability to speak about this way of life in a musical method, which then permits more partying, medications, sex, and chillingc) Jersey Shore, the easy lifestyle, checking up on the Kardashianse) Jack Johnson, especially in the track “Banana Pancakes,” that is all about sleeping in, making pancakes, and residing enjoy it is Saturday everyday. Folks like the tune such which they pay him money to aid his chilling and performing about this in order to live somewhat piece of Jack’s chilling by hearing his tune and imagining how freaking sweeeet that could beThis varies from individuals who only have a chill job and progress to chill, like in a surfer. Real relaxin pirates needs to be ready in which their particular life style of chilling is exactly what gets them compensated by attracting other people to chill(be it via an album, regarding a rapper and Jack Johnson), which goes both ways in a self-promoting manner. Called for pirates who hustled silver, relaxin pirates hustles chilling by ErnestoReport definition
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