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(n) the high quality or state to be relative.
(n) a situation of dependence where the presence or need for one entity is entirely influenced by that of another.
(n) Physics Specialized relativity.

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The event in which extreme environmental aspects (especially speed more than the speed of light) transform our perceptions of the same unbiased timeframe. by Kandis HammonsReport definition
Formally known as the Theory of Special Relativity, formulated by Albert Einstein in 1905. Deals with the perception of time and distance by observers in different frames of reference which are moving with respect to each other. An observer in one frame perceives that time is slower and distances are shorter in a different frame. Also postulates that the speed of light is perceived to be the same in every frame of reference, and that no form of matter or energy can travel faster than light. by Alethia DinanReport definition
InterconnectionBeing reliant or intertwined with another occasion or item that is as dependant due to the fact other.Cause and result. by FannyReport definition

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