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what most couples have or what most "happy relationships" will turn into. a whole lotta b.s. of pain and suffering yet for some odd reason you can't walk away from... by TariReport definition
A relationship that's without all properties of your typical relationship and contains become shit to cope with and become in. Originated by Kady unsure tips kind. by Byron GlascoReport definition
A relationship that features gone bad, probably about to finish; aggrevating, painful and irritating both for individuals. by MaxwellReport definition
A relationship with a significant various other which have gone bad and both functions are way too frightened and/or lazy to call it quits. by FranceneReport definition
a)One person in the unsuccessful commitment doesnt desire to be here.b) Both folks when you look at the unsuccessful commitment don't want is therec) One or each of the relation-ers want to decapitate another member of the relationship.Thus, it becomes a relationshit.Often takes place when a substantial other steals/lies/cheats/becomes clingier than plastic wrap or perhaps you JUST BEGIN TO HATE THEM. by NikoleReport definition
whenever a relationship takes a turn toward dark side by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
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