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(v) To stretch out or put forth (a body part); increase: reached out an arm.
(v) to the touch or understand by stretching-out or expanding: can not achieve the shelf.
(v) To arrive at; attain: reached a conclusion; achieved their particular destination.
(v) To push completely or extend one thing.
(v) to try and grasp or touch some thing: reached for a novel.
(v) having extension in area or time: a coat that hits to the knee; a profession that achieved over a few years.
(n) The act or an instance of stretching or thrusting aside.
(n) The level or length some thing can achieve.
(n) selection of comprehension; comprehension: a subject beyond my get to.
(v) to increase; to stretch; to thrust away; to put forth, as a limb, an associate, anything presented, and/or like.
(v) therefore, to provide by stretching-out a member, particularly the hand; to offer using the hand; to pass to a different; handy more than; as, to attain one a novel.
(v) to realize or get by stretching forth the hand; to give some an element of the body, or something held by one, so as to touch, hit, grasp, and/or want; as, to attain an object aided by the hand, or with a spear.
to put on or extend forth; extend outward.
to supply by or as if by the outstretched hand; offer or higher; expand off to.
To make a stretch to; bring into contact by or as though by stretching-out the hand; attain to by some thing held or stretched out: since, to attain a novel on a shelf; to achieve an object with a cane.

reach in Community Dictionary

get to, reachin, to attend. becoming goin to I am going to head to. work of travel by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
come over right here by Debroah NeissReport definition
The UNSC main military world, close to planet, and experienced a sneak assault through the covenant. by Samara SchrothReport definition
adj. An adjective as opposed to the verb "to come", an adjective you might use to describe attending a certain occasion. by Kristyn FlyReport definition
to go somewhere. by CalvinReport definition

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  • Synonym for "reach"
    • retch, gain, understand, comprehend, overreach
  • Verb Forms for "reach"
    • reached, reaches, reaching
  • Phrases for "reach"
    • reach out, reach Yuval, can reach, global reach, could reach
  • Rhyme for "reach"
    • Beach, Peach, Teach, beech, beseech
  • Hyponym for "reach"
    • scale, get at, peak, culminate, ground
  • Hypernym for "reach"
    • attain, accomplish, achieve, move
  • Cross Reference for "reach"
    • extend, carry, grasp, affect, touchy
  • Equivalent for "reach"
    • to reach for, to reach at
  • Form for "reach"
    • far-reaching, reach an early grave, reachable, overreach, rereach
  • Same Context for "reach"
    • depth, stretch, glimpse, portion, possibility
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