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(n) A local geographic or worldwide adult population distinguished as a far more or less distinct team by genetically transmitted actual characteristics.
(n) a team of folks united or categorized together on the basis of typical record, nationality, or geographical distribution: the German race.
(n) A genealogical range; a lineage.
(v) Sports To participate in a contest of speed.
(v) To move rapidly or at top rate: We raced house. My heart had been rushing with concern.
(v) to perform too quickly as a result of reduced weight or unneeded supply of gas: adjusted the idle to keep the motor from racing.
(v) Sports To compete keenly against in a race.
(v) Sports To cause to compete in a race: She races ponies for a living.
(v) To transport quickly or at top rate; rush: raced the injured motorist toward medical center.
(v) To take part in a race (inside feeling of a contest).
(v) To vie against such a race.
(v) To move or drive at high-speed.
To run swiftly; run in, or just as if engaged in, a contest of speed.
To run with uncontrolled speed; get or revolve extremely or with incorrect speed: said of a steam-engine, a wheel, a ship's screw, or even the love, when resistance is diminished without matching diminution of energy.
To practise horse-racing as an occupation; be engaged in the business enterprise of running horses.

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In Texas Hold'em, or other comparable poker games, "racing" is when a couple of folks are "all-in" with regards to potato chips and it is to the cards and not betting to look for the winner. by IoneReport definition
Race is a bioligical term used to classifly living things. It goes genre, species, sub-species and battle.Humans for one have 5 100percent pures races presently. Caucasoid (European countries, western Asia and North Africa), negroid (Sub-Saharan Africa), mongoloid (East Asia, Oceania, the Arctic and also the Americas) taking within the most the worlds population. There is also a minority of capoid (Southern Africa) and austaloid (Australia and Melanesia.)Contray to popular belief competition has nothing in connection with religion and natonality. Nor may be the misconception that caucasoids are the "plain" competition which all of the sleep are variations of. All events of guy have unique physical featues, not only skin colour. Negroids have actually short shaggy tresses, large cheek bones and nearly perfectly round eyes. Not merely the actual fact these are generally "black men and women". Caucasoids have rather many exess tresses, huge foreheads and reduced jaws. Not only the actual fact they've been "white people". by MarilynnReport definition
competitors of rate when the competitors begin equidistant to a particular point that every racers try to achieve. Whomever reaches said point initially wins the competition. by Thea WinbushReport definition
something that differenciates cultures. it will make the people of the tradition look various and sometimes general work and noise various. no race is preferable to another because no one is the identical in each race. there are dumbasses in every battle and you will find cool individuals in most race also. the real difference of events starts stereotypes and rasism. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
A competition. by Dortha RaoReport definition

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An ethnic stock or division of people. Naturalists and ethnographers have long divided humans into a variable range distinct races. But DNA and other genetic research reports have revealed that that many hereditary difference, about 94per cent, is within alleged racial groups while these racial groupings change from the other person only in about 6per cent of these genes. This means that discover better genetic difference within racial teams than between them. The thought of competition is a superficial and subjective one. All humankind is an individual species. by Leland FeitReport definition

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The competition it self ought to be run on available nation, industries, uncultivated land and grassland. Just a really minimal number of plowed land is permitted. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • raced, races, racing
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    • nation, family, character, class, tribe
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