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Vaginal Flatulence, from a largely obese woman, exiting with enough power to rock the bottom. by ErnestReport definition
The spot or groove betwixt your peanuts and your upper thighs. Plural type is quaves. by Berniece MatousekReport definition
The most famous softdrink when you look at the Universe. Quafe very first appeared two centuries ago and, like a lot of sodas, was meant as a medicine for indigestion and tender stomachs. Although refreshing outcomes of the drink appealed to everyone and also the beverage rapidly became hugely popular. This popularity of the Quafe Company, with mostly occur within the last few three decades roughly, are largely credited to one man: Poire Viladillet, the CEO associated with the Quafe Company for previous 35 years. Under his leadership the Quafe business features propelled from being one of several leading soft drink manufacturers into a clear and undisputed supremacy. by Beulah PettisReport definition
a man comparable to a woman's queef where a small bubble of atmosphere gets caught inside cock hole and makes increased pitched noise similar to that of a balloon when introduced. by EldridgeReport definition
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