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(n) An unfledged bird; for this reason, anything immature or unfinished.
(n) A bog or quagmire.
(n) A fish, the eel-pout or miller's-thumb.
(v) See quob, v. i.
To shake; tremble; quiver; throb; flutter.

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1) anything you say when your pissed at someone2) one thing you state whenever your in an awkward conversation3) anything you say to distract somebody whenever working away by CaronReport definition
Annoying bastard.Also, a phrase of endearment. It's challenging form on a keyboard it doesn't have an operating d secret. I have to copy and paste one each time. by QuinnReport definition
A combining of expression "questionable at the best." by DarlenaReport definition
an audio of alert or warning for people in concern with becoming robbed by ex-police officers having become bankrupt and from now on must rob individuals make a living. by KimberyReport definition
Pronounced (Kwaaaahhb)1) A quab is a term familiar with explain the situation in which you enter the room and find you uncle and an octopus using your sheets. 2) Quab may be the term utilized when hardly any other swear may even grasp the complexity associated with the circumstance or event. You may be a quab, be a qaubber, be qaubbing, or simply just performing the work of qaub. by CesarReport definition
an individual who you merely can't deal, process, or have basis for. by MaximinaReport definition
Quab is one thing "Worse than Abysmal", "maybe not Deserving Existence", Or " Somebody Lacking Intellegence". by Major MarlowReport definition

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