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(v) To at the mercy of a penalty for an offense, sin, or fault.
(v) To cause a penalty for (an offense).
(v) to undertake roughly; hurt: My boots had been penalized by our long trek through desert.
(v) To accurate or mete out discipline.
(v) resulting in to experience for criminal activity or misconduct, to manage disciplinary activity.
(v) resulting in great problems for. (a punishing blow)
(v) To dumb straight down seriously or even the idea of uselessness or near-uselessness.
To inflict a penalty on; go to judicially with discomfort, loss, confinement, death, or other punishment; castigate; chastise.
To reward or check out with pain or suffering inflicted regarding the offender: put on the crime or offense: because, to discipline murder or theft.
to manage seriously: because, to discipline an opponent in a boxing-match or a pitcher in a baseball online game; to discipline (that's, to-stimulate by whip or spur) a horse in running a race.

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Someone with a personality characteristic so annoying they're painful to socialize. This category can sometimes include but is not limited to:- Someone so thick that you must describe and re-explain simple ideas to them, particularly man that defines themself as a petrolhead but doesn't understand the difference between a fuse and a spark plug even though his gf has explained it to him two times now.- A person who constantly ask advice on similar individual issue repeatedly, after that chooses to disregard you guidance and do their very own thing simply to ask for more suggestions about equivalent issue 2 days later.- An individual who never end becoming a failtroll, online or traditional, because they believe they truly are some kind of supertrolll. by Alease MeunierReport definition
To beat the shit off someone by Duncan MalloryReport definition
1) To defecate really forceful fashion.2) To defecate plenty in the toilet, it's effectively "destroyed."3) A violent, occasionally painful expelling of fecal matter, at risk of making splatter marks inside bowl and/or from the underside associated with the chair of your respective lavatory. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
1) to own examined really hard, hitting the books2) to ace a test or exam by Dortha RaoReport definition
The activity of fucking some body real hard by CorneliusReport definition
1. To complete or digest something.2. To shag some body.3. To bash someone.4. To beat someone at some thing.5. To perform some thing. by BrigidaReport definition

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  • Synonym for "punish"
    • correct, scourge, chastise, lash, chasten
  • Antonym for "punish"
    • absolve, reward, excuse
  • Verb Forms for "punish"
    • punished, punishes, punishing
  • Phrases for "punish"
    • capitally punish, punish Beasley, punish North, punish hardworking, punish employers
  • Hyponym for "punish"
    • revenge, victimize, execute, retaliate, avenge
  • Etymologically Related for "punish"
    • pain
  • Form for "punish"
    • punishment, punishable
  • Same Context for "punish"
    • react, pre-adolescent, lustiest, realest, snot-nosed
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