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(a) continue; advancing.
(a) Proceeding in measures; continuing steadily by increments: modern change.
(a) Promoting or favoring progress toward much better conditions or new policies, some ideas, or practices: a progressive politician; modern business management.
(n) A person who definitely prefers or strives for progress toward much better conditions, such as community or federal government.
(n) an associate or supporter of a Progressive celebration.
(n) Grammar A progressive verb kind.
moving forward; going forward; advancing; making development, in virtually any sense: as, progressive motion or course.
Favoring progress; making use of a person's influence or directing a person's efforts when you look at the distinct advancement or improvement: as, is modern in one's a few ideas about training; a progressive age.
Indicative of progress.

progressive in Community Dictionary

~Progressive~1. The brand new Derogatory term for "Libtard" aka "Liberal" aka "Commie" or "Socialist".Because Republicans have wrecked & destroyed title "Liberal". When anyone think of all of them as "Liberals", this is the equivalent to 'Rapist' or 'youngster Molester'. Hence, the name-change.2. Some one terrified because of the indisputable fact that some body, someplace, might be making profits.3. A person who wants to go the united states increasingly closer to Socialism or Communism. See Marxist, Communist or Socialist. They call themselves "Progressives" because utilizing "Communist" would give them a bad connotation inside community eye.4. Liberal + Communist/Socialist philosophy = modern by Joseph JohnsrudReport definition
Living proof that stupidity has no limitations. Progressives tend to be individuals who believe a government that works record deficits need the ability to make companies run in a fiscally responsible manner. by MervinReport definition
1)An epitaph for a radical-liberal or socialist.2)Someone whose pneumatic demagoguery tends to cloud their judgment.3)Someone which makes acyrologia regarding the terms "logic" and "science."4)Someone whom thinks all Scandinavian propaganda on how great socialism is, however fails to understand how authoritarian things became here.5)People which overlook the +100 million that have died under socialist rule.6)People just who protest the killing and eating of animals while they vacuum away a person fetus from their/their girlfriends uterus.7)Have existed off their parents until their particular late 20's early 30's.8)Someone which thinks the federal government can fix every thing by pushing individuals to be good at gun point.9)A plague of dogmatism. by DamienReport definition
An arrogant individual that will make an effort to determine the way you enjoy life because, "It really is inside best interest," as you have no idea what exactly is healthy nonetheless they do.would like to take away the money you worked your butt off to make and present it to some welfare leech it doesn't even you will need to get work. Because "that is fair."Will you will need to restrict your to no-cost address in the event that you disagree using them. Because "That's hate address!"desires to take away your correct and methods to defend yourself against assault and power you to definitely be a victim. Because "That will move you to safer."Wants to get rid of your freedom of faith. Because "Churches tend to be intolerant."Wants to deny you the straight to elevate your kiddies the way you choose, and alternatively forcibly indoctrinate them to their thought process. They call it "Education."usually have never existed beyond a media studio or university class room, but will begin to denounce anyone with actual real-world experience.Go on as well as on about "Free/Independent Thinking" and being "Open-Minded," yet try everything they could to censor anyone would youn't toe their particular celebration range.Are fast to phone anyone whom disagrees together a "Racist," "Homophobe," "Bible-Thumper," or "Redneck" but phone this rehearse "Tolerance and Civility." by BuddyReport definition
1. Someone terrified by the idea that some one, someplace, might-be generating revenue.2. An individual who really wants to go the nation progressively nearer to socialism. by Sheilah UtterReport definition
a phrase that former liberals co-opted when they found that their delusional values don't fit any recognized concept of the term liberal.These fools are generally self-loathing, unsuccessful losers who are able to only feel a lot better by projecting their particular problems onto their opponents.A "modern" is identified because of the following behaviors/beliefs:- Knows what is best for everybody else- statements become knowledgeable while they obtain news/talking things through the day-to-day KOS and/or MSNBC- Believes that private wide range is bad yrt they fawn over affluent superstars and limousine liberals- feels corporations and revenue are wicked, and can tweet about any of it 24/7 to their elegant iPad- feels name-calling and demonizing opponents matches debate- Accuses every person with a dissenting view of being a racist- Supported Occupy Wall Street without leaving their particular family area, perhaps not the rape tent- Drives a Prius with a COEXIST bumper sticker- thinks in the rights of everybody, except people who disagree- Thinks the Constitution is flawed because they can not control all 3 limbs of federal government- Believes YOUR success could only have come at THEIR expenditure- Believes Al Gore is right-about worldwide heating, while his carbon impact 100X of this average person- feels voter recognition is racist, given that it discriminates against dead individuals by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
n. One who advocates greater federal government legislation of anything. Progressives claim to want to help the typical Joe but really want everyone to call home relating to their particular politically correct, elitist socialist schedule. Progressives are also much nastier individuals than liberals, and so are often hypocrites by Deidra FergusReport definition

progressive in Medical Dictionary

Increasing in range or seriousness, advancing, or moving forward. For example, an illness this is certainly modern is worsening. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

progressive in Sports Dictionary

A maneuver for the reason that the no-cost base is brought prior to the skating base and put on the rink so that it becomes the skating foot, even though the various other foot trails behind to become the no-cost foot. This is after that repeated. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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