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person who promises becoming Indian but does not exhibit Indian qualities or perhaps isn't Indian. It may apply to a non-Indian just who hangs around with just Indians. Can put on to both India Indians and local United states Indians. by DaneReport definition
A wannabe United States Indian. Generally displayed by white people but blacks get it done too. Claims to-be 1/4th local American or a smaller percentage, but usually have no definitive proof of it or of just what tribe they may be from (unless it is Cherokee naturally). If such ancestry exists, they tend to exaggerate the very small amount they have after generations of these family neglecting this heritage.Most annoying thing about these individuals is the smugness they claim this lost heritage with. Upon being told through some senile relative or really finding proof, they abruptly claim to understand EVERYTHING about local People in the us and hit for tribal account while buying ambiguous, commodified Indian-themed precious jewelry and merchandise like dream-catchers. It's usually the first thing they placed on their particular Myspace biographies, to get miffed when individuals don't known all of them as local United states and take all of them seriously as such (but say they don't want visitors to "judge them for embracing their ancestral origins"). They even spend their particular time discrediting various other white those who display Indian Princess Syndrome or those who actually have responsible indigenous ancestry.These people usually have no grasp on indigenous tradition and dilemmas, both historical and contemporary. In the long run, a lot of people with responsible ancestry do not whore their particular history to look "exotic" and interesting. by EliReport definition
A motorcycle styled to appear like classic Indian motorbikes, but made from Harley-Davidson clone components, or by another bike organization (i.e. Kawasaki). by Avelina LonginoReport definition
Every white person in the us that claims to be 'part' local American. by AbbeyReport definition
person who falsely claims local American heritage, lineage, Indian hoaxers by Bryce GeronimoReport definition
An actor or celebrity of non-Native American descent just who plays a Native American regarding the display screen or phase. by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
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