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A sexual encounter by which a woman is put on the woman arms and knees and penetrated from both stops, typically resembling a pig becoming roasted on a spit. by Nilsa BogardReport definition
the act of two guys placing their particular genitles into a singular womens lips and anal hole. frequently considered the pinnicle of ones life and ranked most desired on people container record by MandyReport definition
A sexual place concerning 1 female and 2 men. One male is participating in genital intercourse although the other is doing oral sex. Usually the one in back slips it into the woman butthole and when she opens up her lips in surprise one other guy shoves their dick down the woman neck. They then check out spin her around their particular cocks by RobertoReport definition
the work of two men giving two fold penetration to somebody with one out of the mouth and another into the chosen back accessibility. . . then rotating this lady around like a pig on a spit. by JamilaReport definition
When obese folks get tanning by BulahReport definition
A pig roast is preformed when a female engages sexual intercourse with two men, one initiates doggy style, although the other recieves mind. The end result should look like a pig becoming roasted over a fire. by GregoryReport definition
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