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(a) typical misspelling of pH.
(a) phot
(n) A consonant digraph having the noise of ƒ, utilized in the Latin or English, French, etc., transliteration of Greek terms containing φ, as in phalanx, philosophy, visual, zephyr, etc., or occasionally of terms from other languages.
(n) (from potential of Hydrogen) the logarithm of this reciprocal of hydrogen-ion concentration in gram atoms per liter; provides a measure on a scale from 0 to 14 associated with acidity or alkalinity of a remedy (in which 7 is neutral and more than 7 is more standard much less than 7 is much more acid)

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A measure regarding the hydrogen-ion task in option, expressed on a scale 0 (very acid) to 14 (extremely standard); 7.0 pH is a neutral answer, neither acid nor fundamental. by Trina TalaricoReport definition
in agriculture, earth pH is an important measure of nutrient supply. The pH scale, working from 0 to 14, steps just how acid or alkaline the soil is. pH may be the concentration of hydrogen (H) ions -- the greater hydrogen ions there are, the more acid the earth is. Many environmental factors, including quantity of rain, vegetation type and temperature can affect earth pH. The perfect pH for some flowers in addition to soil meals web is between 6.5 and 7. Sources: Wikipedia and Acid or Alkaline? Just what pH indicates in gardenspeak, at www.plantea.com/pH.htm (Blog by Marion Owen). by Roseanne ZiolkowskiReport definition
The acidity list for the soil. Various crops perform better at maximum ph so certain crops may be suited to certain fields or places. ph might be raised (much more alkaline) by the application of ground limestone. by Alton BoykoReport definition

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A measure for the acidity or alkalinity of a fluid. The pH of every liquid could be the measure of its hydrogen ion (H+) focus in accordance with compared to a given standard answer. The pH may are priced between 0 to 14, in which 0 is many acidic, 14 most rudimentary, and 7 is natural. by Vera AnkneyReport definition
Mathematically, the pH could be the logarithm (into the base 10) associated with the reciprocal associated with the hydrogen ion focus, [H+]. The pH is more or less equal to the unfavorable logarithm of the H+ ion focus expressed in molarity. by Vera AnkneyReport definition

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    • H, Th, h., mh, mph
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    • alkalinity, neutrality, acidity
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    • hydrogen ion concentration
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