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(n) An irrational or obsessive fear or anxiety of children, the opposite of pedophilia.
(n) An irrational or obsessive fear, anxiety, discrimination or criminalisation of genuine and supposed pedophiles or pedophilia advocates..

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Concern With Pedophiles. by BreannReport definition
the unreasonable concern parents have that anyone that looks at their particular child may be a pedophile. by AshaReport definition
Pedophobia (additionally paedophobia), noun often means one of two things:1. Concern (phobia) of children. Under this meaning a pedophobic individual would avoid connections with children or any act that reminds an of them.2. Irrational hatered, discrimination, and criminalisation of pedophiles. Under this definition a pedophobic person would earnestly seek procecution and persecution of anybody who's either a pedophile or a pedophilia supporter. This term is a neologism.In both situations an individual who has actually pedophobia is called a pedophobe. by BuddyReport definition
Actually, pedo is a derivation of latin word "paedo", while suggests kiddies. Therehence, a pedopobic individual has actually a fear of children. More precisely, this is certainly spelled and pronounced paedo, not pedo, which is a form of transport. by AbbeyReport definition
na. An acute fear or hatred of teenagers, ie; individuals in age of consent (16 in Western Australia). by Evon AburtoReport definition
An irrational, often hysterical concern that afflicts numerous moms and dads. It involves the delusion that perverts putting on trenchcoats are lurking behind every bush with pockets high in candy. Parents with this specific condition have actually an obsessive compulsion maintain kids, even teens, under continual surveillance. They egotistically believe that a pervert would WANT their children, although they tend become just as lifeless and ugly while the parents that spawned all of them. These parents are generally very suggestible, and a big majority view FOX Information on a regular basis. Other observable symptoms include frequent bouts of paranoia and melodramatic behavior. Unfortunately, most will never be treated before they will have passed the disease to kids. by MarilynnReport definition

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An abnormal and persistent concern about children and kids. Individuals experience anxiety even though they understand their fear is groundless. Rearing a young child or becoming around energetic children can both create anxiety. by Debroah NeissReport definition
from Greek "pais" (kid) and "phobos" (fear). by Debroah NeissReport definition
relevant terms consist of: androphobia, an abnormal and persistent anxiety about men; gynephobia, a comparably irrational and exorbitant fear of ladies. by Debroah NeissReport definition

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