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(n) a big, swift-running flightless bird (Struthio camelus) of Africa, described as an extended bare neck, little mind, and two-toed foot. This is the largest lifestyle bird.
(n) A rhea.
(n) one that tries to prevent disagreeable circumstances by declining to manage them.

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it will be the equivalent of the video game. Which game you could ask? The one you merely lost. by Berniece MatousekReport definition
(n); 1. a wild bird regarded as the absolute most majestic of all creatures, keeping the undisputed uppermost place regarding the food chain. ostriches are carnivorous wild birds of victim, feeding on tigers. Although their particular hunting practices will always be mostly a mystery, it's rumored that ostriches will pierce "cocky" tigers' minds due to their tungsten beaks. A male ostrich must digest approximately 74 tigers each year to keep strength.2. (v); always explain action of an individual of unparalleled strength or cunningSynonyms; chuck norris, ninja bird, angel of demise, one-bird-army, butt kicker, stealth bomberAntonyms; poor, stupid, unsightly, worthless by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
Big butt man-pigeon. Will run 60mph together with your automobile if you throw a pen at it. It is body will face because of this but it's head will be fixed for you. by Deetta BrinnReport definition
To hit or press your or others legs with enough force resulting in the knees to bend backwords causing people legs to appear like an ostrich by MandyReport definition
A man with a lengthy skinny body. An alternate term for lanky. by Lashawna PierpontReport definition

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