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(n) Diffusion of liquid through a semipermeable membrane layer from a remedy with a reduced solute focus to an answer with an increased solute concentration until there is certainly the same focus of liquid on both edges associated with the membrane.
(n) The tendency of fluids to diffuse such a fashion.
(n) A gradual, usually involuntary procedure of assimilation or absorption: discovered French by osmosis while moving into Paris for fifteen years.

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acquiring knowledge without really seeking it by RandyReport definition
the very first title to a person that's last name's Jones. by Cynthia PressReport definition
The transfer of anything from an area with a top focus of stated thing to a location with a decreased concetration through a permeable membrane. A report technique well-liked by many students and pupils, often attained by dropping off to sleep with ones mind directly atop of ones study products. by Werner VitaReport definition
the easy diffusion of water (H20) in to the plasma membrane. The diffusion of liquid is dependent upon the concentration of dissolved substances into the surrounding enviroment. This is done through suckage. by DarinReport definition
to call home thru another person. To absorb all of them until such time you come to be one. by Danae VanallenReport definition
The net diffusion of liquid molecules across a semi-permeable plasma membrane by DamienReport definition
The simple diffusion of liquid (H20) to the plasma membrane. The diffusion of liquid is determined by the focus of dissolved substances inside surrounding enviroment. by DarinReport definition

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