What does omnisexual mean?

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(a) Pansexual.
(a) pansexual
(n) A pansexual individual.

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somebody who may be intimately attracted to anyone and everything, from men/women/everything in-between (trans, intersex, genderfluid, etc.), as well as non-human animals and inanimate items. The term "omni" suggests "of all things."Pansexual is frequently mistaken becoming the same thing, but pansexuals tend to be exclusively interested in humans. As disturbing because may sound to some, you will find a small number of folks online who're undoubtedly omnisexual fully level of the word and having pansexual and omnisexual utilized interchangeably removes through the real omnisexuals. by AbbeyReport definition
Anything that moves by EmanuelReport definition
Omnisexual usually may be interchanged using the term Pansexual, though there are those that will argue the two will vary. Omnisexuals tend to be individuals who feel destination towards folks of any gender and orientation, including male, feminine, genderqueer, transvestites, bisexuals, straight, gay, lesbian, asexual, and so on. Omnisexuals see people with regards to their personalities rather than their particular genitals or gender identity. Omnisexual is not a cover term utilized for those who will date transsexuals. Bisexual, Gay, directly, and Lesbian SHOULD cover these terms. A favorite phrase of this Omnisexual/Pansexual community is "Hearts perhaps not Parts". by Major MarlowReport definition
usually interchangable with pansexual. one whose intimate, emotional, or sexual tourist attractions tend to be intended for other people despite intercourse and/or sex appearance. by AntioneReport definition
"Omnisexual and Pansexual are REALLY similar, very nearly similar. But there is an improvement:Pansexuals could be known as "gender-blind", they cannot see or contemplate sex, they only are drawn to the person.Omnisexuals, however, spot the individuals sex, they acknowledge it consequently they are drawn to ALL genders. "This basically means, omnisexuals are interested in all genders, however no matter gender. Gender can still be one factor in their destination, unlike true pansexuals, that don't worry about gender. by Danae VanallenReport definition
regarded as go hand-in-hand with becoming pansexual, being omnisexual is a bit different. Pansexuals don't usually see gender in the same techniques we do, whereas omnisexuals see gender typically, they just don't care.Omnisexuals tend to be drawn equally to any or all people (males, ladies, transexuals, etc.) They have a tendency to endure phases of gender attraction that switch regularly and will in the course of time subside with anyone who wins their particular heart, no matter said person's sex. by Virgie KerseyReport definition

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