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(a) nanometer
(a) nautical mile
(a) nuclear magneton
(n) expression the nanometer (nanometre), an SI unit of length corresponding to 10−9 meters (metres).
(n) a situation in southwestern US regarding the Mexican edge
(n) a metric device of size add up to one billionth of a meter
(i) never mind
(i) not much, absolutely nothing much
(i) no message

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"absolutely nothing Much" by Wes GroutReport definition
nm is a messenger term that may indicate 3 things1. nothing much2. never ever mind3. no message (comment)you must certanly be cautious that the other person knows what it means. by Herbert DeesReport definition
Not Much. Mostly utilized on im (instant texting) e.g msn, aim, skype. by Rocco AndresReport definition
perfect means of killing a discussion. by BuddyReport definition
oftentimes many useless internet/chat abbreviation available. 'nm' is short for just one of two things, 'Never mind' and 'absolutely nothing a great deal'.Commonly misinterpreted by users, the acronym could be harmful, also deadly. by Beulah PettisReport definition
an annoying/lazy means of saying "Oh, I happened to be simply sitting here with my flash up my ass, waiting for you to ask me personally the thing I had been doing. In fact, let us only stand here and piss away 3 minutes of your resides speaking in unclear uncertain terms regarding how our time is, what we did five minutes ago, and that which we anticipate doing five minutes from today." by TeodoroReport definition
An abbreviation of "very little" or "nothing much". Its most often found in immediate messaging conversations as a straightforward and thoughtless response to issue what's up.Some individuals also make use of it as an abbreviation for "nevermind", but "nvm" is much more popular. by Victor KieserReport definition

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  • Sentence for "nm"
  • Synonym for "nm"
    • millimeter, millimolar
  • Hypernym for "nm"
    • pace, tempo, metric linear unit
  • Same Context for "nm"
    • cm, FT, caliber, millimeter, inch
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