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An dangerously large line of cocaine typically familiar with by the user who's likely to change the length of the evening.A 'gagger' or 'honker'A 'widow-maker' by ElissaReport definition
morg (letter): 1. The Mormon Church based in Salt Lake City Utah 2. The collective membership of the Mormon Church. Etymology: mention of the the group-think mindset of people in the mormon church much like the group-mind regarding the Borg Collective from Paramount's celebrity Trek series. Both the Borg plus the Morg are collectives wanting to conquer (baptise in the case of the morg) and absorb every tradition they arrive touching. by Guillermina MclarenReport definition
A Morg is a commonly utilized term to mention into the rare types of Amazonian alien-human hybrid that came about following incidents surrounding the Roswell incident. Strangely enough, even though Morgs appeared ahead of the launch of the hugely successful Pokémon franchise, they closely resemble the electric type Raichu due to their smooth, bouncy cheeks and pointy ears. Whilst Morgs tend to be incredibly uncommon in the great outdoors, they truly are said to appear simply to kind-hearted souls because of their innocent nature. Infamously difficult to please, Morgs reject the vast majority of food resources, choosing a diet of pasta, pizza pie and mozzarella cheese related items. If you are ever before lucky enough to encounter a Morg, be sure to address it really because legend has actually it they bring extraordinary luck towards the one they deem because their companion. by CaroleReport definition
Slang for smoke. by Cleora WoodReport definition
do dis-respect a retarded or fat individual by Francine EnsorReport definition
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