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the work of inserting toothpaste to the rectal cavity of a pal as well as foe just who occurs to-fall asleepthis is recognized as The Official mooshgunta but there can recourse for just what is discover as a live mooshganta additionally usually supported with a canadian waffle ...(this will be a tennis reacket across your ass... until it says for good 14 days often performed on "islands") but all waffels aside all of it precipitates to toothpaste within the ass....Either awake or seeping ... REAL TIME or Official by KimberyReport definition
A "Mooshgunta" was initially developed in Canada at summer camps and it is generally speaking performed by men on various other men but is by no means homosexual. In lamens terms, it's the act of placing toothpaste into someones rectal hole, if at all possible the person should-be asleep. The art is in maybe not waking all of them up, and so the tooth paste can solidify. When the toothpaste features set, it is extremely hard to get it down. It must be "dug" or "douched" out using some type of utensil or perhaps the individuals little finger for added humor. When the person is alseep its called a Mooshgunta, but a live mooshgunta is when the subject is awake. More often than not the topic will flail therefore takes a few people to do the work, along with some dedication since you need to put up the individual down for a long period of time to allow the tooth paste ready. Along with a mooshgunta, often a canadian waffle is conducted. A canadian waffle is where a tennis racquet is placed from the butt cheeks of the person on obtaining end of mooshgunta and considerable body weight is applied to imprint the strings associated with racquet generate a "waffle" like design. If done properly the imprint should remain on the persons arse for an extended period of time. by DaneReport definition
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