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(n) a part of any of this traditionally nomadic individuals of Mongolia.
(n) See Mongolian.
(n) Anthropology a part for the Mongoloid racial division.
(a) Of or relating to Mongolia, the Mongols, or their particular language or tradition.
(a) Anthropology Of or concerning the Mongoloid racial unit.
(a) of or regarding the area of Mongolia or its individuals or their languages or cultures
(p) A person from Mongolia; a Mongolian.
(p) a part of every of the various Mongol ethnic teams surviving in The Mongolian individuals Republic, the (previous) USSR, Tibet and Nepal.
(p) (usually mongol) A person with Down's problem.
Of or with respect to Mongolia and/or Mongols.

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A race life on Asian continent who totally kicks ass. Mongols AKA Mongolians invaded 50 % of the world back 1200s. by FannyReport definition
Sorry, a mongol is someone from Mongolia while a mongoloid is some one with Down Syndrome by Eugenio DoyalReport definition
you from Mongolia, a nation if offered the opportunity will ride out and enslave society once again.The term Mongol is despised in China cuz they understand Mongols> Them.note: if you are ever before besieged by Mongols surrender during the first apportunity otherwise your ass is performed. by Herbert DeesReport definition
one that is so bad ass it's difficult to evaluate them; the individuals you know are going to be regarding fifteen % of the world by their fiftieth burthday by Alethia DinanReport definition
->A individual through the nation mongolia . Equivalent kids with ghenghis khan , there horse archers and hefty calvary took over a massive the main world . Sooner or later put into several hordes . After that the horde's armies in which localized and where filled with soldiers from conquered places. by Berniece MatousekReport definition
People who orginated from mongolia , like turks. by TariReport definition

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