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(n) Plural of guy.
(n) Plural type of guy.
(n) (The) people, humanity
(p) a person; one; -- combined with a verb in the single, and corresponding to the present long one or they.

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must be macho all the time. dont wish to look "gay", despite the fact that its proven more men have actually sexual thoughts about various other males then women have actually about various other ladies. A lot are homophobic since they cannot allow anyone know these are typically gay or bi.So girls ask your man if he would have sex with another man, assuming he reveals their disgust for more than a hour... hes homosexual. by Claudio BeamerReport definition
Things With Penises which tell ladies anything just to get intercorse by JoseReport definition
obviously, the better sex.It's 2009, we really do not must think all of us are therefore great.On account of the many idiots that call themseves males on this web site, women, belive me personally, we are only a few like that. Many of us are now actually not sexist testosterone filled nut jobs.If you previously get hitched, try to prevent those types. by Tess FrithReport definition
Plural of man. *Real men* tend to be respectful of women as equals. Love their particular mamas. Hold doors open. Knock-out various other males which state stupid ass, sexist bullshit. Will eat vagina after they have already been given a blowjob. Buying an equal salary, then do an equal number of housework and childcare. Do not get pissed off whenever their usual exceptional economic standing is disrupted by a social move enabling females to simply take one step closer to equivalence. Tend to be strong and protective, while also being loving and gentle. Have the personality to restrain their temperament. Have actually a brain in their mind. Usually do not label. Often come with big cocks. Faux men state stuff like this into the women portion of UD, then pop their particular zits, play some videogames, jack off, and begin to sob, and question why no person will fuck them:"the feminine of the peoples types, which can be, just about, emotionless blobs. Since feelings such as for instance love compliment the individual sexual drive, guys have actually an increased emotional drive to supplement their particular higher sexual interest. Females, alternatively... just wander around selecting another way to pull cash regarding a man, bring him attached then break his heart. And not surprisingly reality, a female will invest a great 75% of the woman time stating that men only think about sex which women can be such much better, even though it is always a person that writes the wonderful love track or poem. Though they're not all the such as this, the stereotypical lady is lying, conniving, selfish, managing, manipulative, arrogant and chauvinistic. They will have the complete incapacity to imagine logically or philosophically, and thus in the event that you begin to talk to them about something like existence, they are going to only state they are appropriate along with your wrong and that you ought to go get the woman anything. And various compared to the woman's belief that men do bad things like start wars and such, you can see that a lady will be the cause for fighting. The entire world will likely to be an improved place whenever most of the very smart genetic scientists (mostly guys, therefore we'd need men, if we had a need to procreate... women? not so much of a necessity) begin to genetically engineer people, without the need the process of sex.""A beast created by God to enduce pain upon guy for eternity. Bleeds for seven whole days and does not perish. Can pull the life span regarding a person to create smaller bad beast to guard them in court and steal man's hard earned cash.""Punishment from Zeus for humanity since the young god Promethues stole the fire associated with the gods and offered it to humanity. So Zeus created an innovative new evil for mankind, females." by PatrickReport definition
1. Purely logical and emotionally stable, they will certainly insult both and gossip in their everyday guy talk, plus throw epic macho hissy-fits if they FAIL. (Which is essentially constantly.)They privately want they had their particular pair of titties. by TariReport definition
I do believe i seen one of those last week by Evalyn SegarsReport definition
The reason for lots of woman's problems. Mostly since they believe they need any thing more than to enter their particular magical vaginia. by Star CarlbergReport definition

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japan word for mask, which a compulsory element of a kendoka's dress whenever involved in the game. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • Adrienne, Amen, Ben, Cayenne, Chen
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    • man
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