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(v) in the future upon by opportunity or arrangement.
(v) To be present in the arrival of: met the train.
(v) become introduced to.
(v) in the future collectively: let us meet today.
(v) In The Future into conjunction; be joined: "East is East, and West is West, and do not the twain shall satisfy” ( Rudyard Kipling).
(v) ahead collectively as opponents; contend.
(n) A meeting or contest, especially an athletic competitors.
(n) A sports competitors, particularly for athletics or swimming.
(n) A gathering of cyclists, their particular ponies and hounds for the purpose of foxhunting.
(p) speak to to have or go through.
(p) meet with To receive: Our plan came across making use of their endorsement.
(i) meet (one's) Maker Slang To die.
(i) meet (some one) halfway to help make a compromise with.
(a) Fitting; proper: "This Indicates perhaps not fulfill, nor wholesome to my location” ( Shakespeare).
(a) ideal; right; proper
(a) appropriate; fit; appropriate; proper; competent; convenient.
(v) ahead face-to-face with unintentionally; to encounter.
(v) in the future face to face with someone by arrangement.
(v) to-be introduced to some body.
(a) Meetly.
ahead to the exact same location with (someone or thing); enter into the current presence of; of people, come in person with.
To come around from an unusual direction; join by going toward; arrive at by nearing from the other path, because distinguished from overtake: since, to meet up you into the road.
in the future into physical connection with; join by pressing or uniting with; be or become contiguous to.

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a term utilized for french-kiss in several parts of dublin, ireland.can frequently be heard when one guy might ask a woman to meet up their buddy...shift is the same word to-be heard in outlying ireland.as rating is to be heard from posher of this lrish. but a classic fashioned can you let my buddy stick his tounge inside gob seems to have the desired effect in most parts! by BrigidaReport definition
meet-french kiss. term utilized in ireland.-to be meeting somebody is like become half dating them. a half sort of commitment between solitary and going out.-but to fulfill someone is a once off bargain, often at paty/disco/drunken state.-to have found somebody is past tight. by Dane AlgarinReport definition
to offer some one a french-kiss. by Marlys MontanaReport definition
mainly utilized in liverpool and ireland, meet is to kiss and utilize the tounge like a snog or a french kis ..... by Karina KrampReport definition
1) To French Kiss.Usually used in Dublin or any other areas of IrelandSee write out by Kandis HammonsReport definition
frequently utilized in Ireland(Haven't heard it utilized somewhere else) it indicates to french-kiss,snog or whatever else, in the event that you where a lady, you can get fingered in the event that you arranged to 'Meet' some one, its not vertified. ;) by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
a phrase regularly describe a french kiss between to Irish youths (usually). It really is frequently heard all over Dublin location, and I also've not heard of it anywhere else. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition

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The name directed at a gathering of swimmers from one or more company to compete against each by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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    • intercept, perceive, experience, suffer, equal
  • Antonym for "meet"
    • avoid
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    • meeting, meets, met
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    • ends meet, meet unconditionally, will meet, meet Namita, meet Melkiyar
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    • see, experience, go through, have, contend
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    • collide, agree, joint, to meet her, to meet the eye
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    • just
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    • find, give, let, take, know
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    • met
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