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(a) Having achieved complete natural development or development: a mature cellular.
(a) Having achieved a desired or last condition; ready: an adult mozzarella cheese.
(a) Of, concerning, or characteristic of full development, either psychological or actual: mature on her behalf age.
(v) to carry to full development; ripen.
(v) To Work Through fully inside head: "able to digest and mature my thoughts for my very own head only” ( John Stuart Mill).
(v) to carry or hasten to maturity; to market ripeness in; to ripen; to accomplish.
(v) To evolve toward or achieve full development: the little one's judgment matures as she expands older.
(v) To become due. Utilized of records and bonds.
(v) To advance toward maturity; to become ready
(v) To become mature; to ripen.
(v) to achieve experience or knowledge as we grow older.
(v) (finance) to achieve the time whenever payment arrives
perfect in all-natural development or development; completely grown or ripened; ripe: as, mature grain or fresh fruit; people of mature age; adult in view.
Completely elaborated or ready; brought to maturity; prepared to be used or execution; totally developed; ample; thorough: as, due to mature deliberation.
In medication, in circumstances of perfect suppuration.

mature in Community Dictionary

a word evidently indicating a similar thing as immature, when used sarcastically. by Ivory IbrahimReport definition
just what 97% of those on Urban Dictionary aren't. by Alethia DinanReport definition
the capability to handle themes most would find offensive or anerving. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
1. Exactly what stupid women state these are typically once they understand that they're idiots and need people smarter than all of them to check bad. 2. A word that is therefore commonly mispronounced, it really is ridiculous. Especially by individuals who do not know that quickly i shall tear their particular minds out and eat them! by Alton BoykoReport definition
a. A state of brain in one's life obtained by knowledge and wisdom.b. Laikyn Rutherford by Pok CuadraReport definition

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  • Synonym for "mature"
    • digested, ripe, perfect, ready, prepared
  • Antonym for "mature"
    • childish, immature, superficial
  • Verb Forms for "mature"
    • matured, matures, maturing
  • Phrases for "mature"
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  • Rhyme for "mature"
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  • Hypernym for "mature"
    • draw, change, modify, alter, explicate
  • Cross Reference for "mature"
    • mature larva, mature pupa, mature river, mature insect
  • Equivalent for "mature"
    • fully fledged, full-fledged, fledgeling, fledgling, mellowed
  • Etymologically Related for "mature"
    • maturity, matureness
  • Form for "mature"
    • matured, maturing
  • Same Context for "mature"
    • intelligent, healthy, rational, thoughtful, sophisticated
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