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(v) resulting in to exist or happen; bring about; make: made issues for all of us; making a commotion.
(v) to create into existence by shaping, modifying, or piecing together product; construct: make a dress; made a stone wall.
(v) to make by assembling individuals or constituents: make a quorum.
(v) to do something or respond in a specified manner: make merry; make free.
(v) to start or may actually start an action: made as though to shake my hand.
(v) To cause some thing become as specified: make-ready; make certain.
(n) The work or means of making; manufacturing.
(n) The design or manner in which a thing is manufactured: disliked the label of my coating.
(n) the total amount produced, particularly the production of a factory.
(p) make for To have or produce (a specific impact or outcome): little details that make for convenience.
(p) lead to to simply help promote; further: makes for much better interaction.
(p) make off To leave in haste; run away.
(i) make a clean breast of To confess totally.
(i) make a face To distort the options that come with the face; grimace.
(i) make a go of to be successful in: have made a go for the company.
(v) To behave, to do something.
(v) to produce, build, or create.
(v) To form (e.g. a word off morphemes, or a sentence from words).
To give becoming to; bring into existence; cause to exist as a distinct thing or entity; create, either in a primary or a second feeling; become writer of; produce: as, God-made man in his very own image; to create a book, or a will; in order to make legislation or regulations; in order to make an estimate, a calculation, or a plan.
to provide form or personality to; manner; fabricate, construct, form, or compose.
To fashion suitably; adjust in formation or constitution; design or intend for making: generally speaking inside passive, followed closely by for or an infinitive with to.

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Hawai'ian for dead - Pronounced mah-keh by JeanettaReport definition
To poop. by Michelina BurchfieldReport definition
which will make is to have another, to go that additional one half lawn whenever there appears ones power happens to be drained. by Wen WolskiReport definition
having sex with by BradReport definition
Antonym of break. To switch a few smaller expenses for just one of larger value. by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
1. One thing received or accomplished through much dedication.2. The possibility to make any return, earnings, or create a surplus, genuine or imaginary.3. Universal descriptor of a thing's essence or nature. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

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Make is something found in the software development process to construct a program, with its libraries, with its final ".exe" expansion type. The make device performs an interpretation means of make files to determine the last code associated with location .exe file. Topological sorting can be used to determine the point where make should begin. Make is considered the most widely used method among program building systems and it is typically used in Unix-based program building. by Sherman MatlockReport definition

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  • Synonym for "make"
    • companion, mate, constitute, require, constrain
  • Verb Forms for "make"
    • made, makes, making
  • Phrases for "make"
    • make sure, to make, make it, make a, will make
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    • Ache, Blake, Drake, Haik, Jake
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    • customise, breed, fudge together, generate, give
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    • total, amount, come, number, add up
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    • to make up to, to make water, to make free with, to make money, of
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    • to make one's way, to make as though
  • Same Context for "make"
    • go, take, to-day, give, type
  • Variant for "make"
    • made
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