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(n) An object which surrounded by a magnetic area which has the property, either natural or induced, of attracting iron or metal.
(n) An electromagnet.
(n) people, a spot, an object, or a scenario that exerts destination.

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A fucking magnet is an object or material that creates a motherfucking magnetic field and shit. Magnets tend to be wonders with no one knows how they work, though researchers have created many lies to spell out the legislation of electro-motherfucking-magnetism. by EltonReport definition
the man in a group who'll run whenever cops appear even though he's got absolutely nothing on him, attracting the cop's attention and allowing others to flee. by Junie GaribayReport definition
1. popular term for pupils signed up for niche programs often dealing with math, science, and computer science.2. Attractive (not THAT particular appealing) or repellent compound. by CassieReport definition
a student enrolled in a magnet system, particularly mathematics and sciences, who has a dumb love of life and couple of if not no useful personal abilities. magnet pupils continue to be fixated on school during every aspect of their life, frequently worrying to the stage of exactly what edges on an anxiety assault. magnet pupils females specifically are from the expression "oh my god i failed that test" followed shortly by a grade of 95per cent or higher.magnet males may be of a sick love of life and an inability to know any kinds of laughter apart from mathematics and calculator focused, black individuals, and homosexual oriented jokes, and these only in short "one-liners" or improper real displays unbecoming of pupils in large school.the typical magnet student is quite clicky along with other magnet students and limbs out just somewhat with other groups, mostly through typical features such as for instance orchaestra or CTY. an important of any real magnet pupil is a www.xanga.com web site personalized with unique html by Isabelle MusanteReport definition
A motherfucking miracle. No one understands how they work. by Duncan MalloryReport definition

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    • natural magnet, artificial magnet
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