What does maggot mean?

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(n) The legless, soft-bodied, wormlike larva of any of numerous flies regarding the order Diptera, often within rotting matter.
(n) Slang A despicable individual.
(n) An extravagant notion; a whim.

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affectionate term used by us metal band Slipknot to explain the bands followers by Chase ChevalierReport definition
1. A term (in Australian Continent) that means alcohol intoxication, but particularly to a level of drunkeness that features losing co-ordination, vomiting and soiling your self. by EmanuelReport definition
1. A Slipknot fan.2. Slightly person.3. A baby fly. by Brooks BengeReport definition
person who considers themselves become a large slipknot fan by MarcellaReport definition
any one who is a large slipknot lover by Keiko ThrashReport definition

maggot in Medical Dictionary

A soft-bodied wormlike larva of a fly that lays its eggs in living or especially in rotting tissues. The lifestyle or rotting product furnishes temperature for hatching of eggs and meals when it comes to recently hatched maggots. by Leland FeitReport definition
particular blowfly maggots -- particularly, those of the blackbottle fly (Phormia regina) in addition to greenbottle fly (Phaenicia sericata) -- were utilized in medication to consume and remove both bacteria and lifeless muscle from deep injuries and thus market their recovery. It was a popular area of the remedy for osteomyelitis (illness of bone) and other deep suppurative (pus-filled) lesions. In a way it had been biologic (instead of surgical) debridement of a wound. The maggots in addition marketed healing by secreting allantoin, a supposedly salutary material found also in fetal urine. by Debroah NeissReport definition

maggot in Sports Dictionary

the essential convenient and popular kind of bait. Normally the one used is larvae regarding the reduced fly, but pinkies and squatts are utilized as feed. Maggots ought to be kept in a cool, dry spot to keep them at their best. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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  • Sentence for "maggot"
  • Synonym for "maggot"
    • whim, grub
  • Rhyme for "maggot"
    • agate, faggot
  • Hypernym for "maggot"
    • grub
  • Cross Reference for "maggot"
    • processional maggots, beet leaf-maggot, corn-stalk maggot, seed-corn maggot, cabbage-root maggot
  • Etymologically Related for "maggot"
    • mawkish, mawk
  • Same Context for "maggot"
    • weevil, termite, grasshopper, grub, caterpillar
  • Variant for "maggot"
    • larval
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