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(v) to use an individual's sight, particularly in certain course or on confirmed object: looking the window; viewed the floor.
(v) to look: We seemed all mid-day but cannot believe it is.
(v) To turn one's glance or gaze: looked off to the right.
(v) to show one's eyes on: seemed him within the attention.
(v) To convey by an individual's appearance: searched annoyance at the judge; seemed their devotion if you ask me.
(v) To have an appearance of conformity with: He appears their age. She dressed up to check the component.
(n) The work or instance of looking: we took one look and I had been sure.
(n) A gaze or look expressive of some thing: offered her a mournful appearance.
(n) Appearance or aspect: a look of good age.
(p) care for to deal with: taken care of his younger sibling.
(p) search for to look for; seek: looking my gloves.
(p) seek to anticipate: choose an alteration of weather condition in March.
(i) look something special horse in the lips Informal To be vital or suspicious of something you have obtained without expenditure.
(i) alive Informal to do something or react quickly: Look live! We leave in five minutes.
(i) on To regard with contempt or condescension.
(v) To try to see, to pay attention to with one’s eyes.
(v) To appear, to look.
(v) to offer an appearance to be.
to work out the sense or faculty of sight; use the eyes in seeing; fix the picture upon some object, or upon some point or part of space.
Before a word or term signifying way, way, or function: because, look here; look there; he looked straight back; to find anything lost.
Before a preposition governing the thing seen or an intervening item or method: because, to consider a property; to appear over a wall or through a window; to check into a mirror or a novel; to appear upon the wine.

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to peek at your personal components by HankReport definition
Look replaces the word information by Vera AnkneyReport definition
Hey look under there. by FannyReport definition
The piece in an Asian chess ready that's also known as a Castle. by Burma BobadillaReport definition

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  • Sentence for "look"
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  • Synonym for "look"
    • consider, examine, seem, appear, face
  • Verb Forms for "look"
    • looked, looking, looks
  • Phrases for "look"
    • look at, closer look, look like, up-close look, to look
  • Rhyme for "look"
    • Brook, Brooke, Chinook, Cook, Cooke
  • Hyponym for "look"
    • expect, hold on, anticipate, look to, hang on
  • Hypernym for "look"
    • convey, rely, trust, swear, bank
  • Cross Reference for "look"
    • seer, appear, examine, expect, face
  • Equivalent for "look"
    • to look down upon, to look unto
  • Form for "look"
    • outlook, if looks could kill, have a look, lookist, relook
  • Same Context for "look"
    • expression, smile, glance, feel, face
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