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(n) a tool operated by a vital, combination, or keycard and utilized, as on a door, for keeping, shutting, or securing.
(n) A section of a waterway, like a canal, shut down with gates, by which vessels in transit are raised or decreased by raising or decreasing the water degree of that section.
(n) A mechanism in a firearm for bursting the charge.
(v) To fasten the lock of: close and lock a drawer.
(v) To close or make protected with or just as if with locks: closed the home.
(v) To limit or exclude by or just as if by way of a lock: secured the dog set for the night time; locked the criminal up in a cell.
(v) to be fastened by or like in the shape of a lock: the doorway locks immediately when shut.
(v) In order to become entangled; interlock.
(v) To become rigid or immobile: The apparatus has a tendency to freeze cold weather.
(p) lock out To withhold work from (employees) during a labor dispute.
(i) lock horns To become embroiled in conflict.
(i) lock, stock, and barrel to your biggest or most satisfactory extent; wholly: an estate which was auctioned off lock, stock, and barrel.
(i) under lock and key Securely locked-up.
(v) To become fastened positioned.
(v) To fasten with a lock.
(v) To be effective at getting fastened in position.
to shut; shut; now, specifically, to shut and fasten in the form of a lock and key: because, to lock a door or a trunk.
To fasten so as to impede movement: as, to lock a wheel.
To close (up) or confine with or like with a lock, or perhaps in an inclosed location; close or fasten (in): with up or perhaps in.

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1. figured out2. under control by Kristyn FlyReport definition
Absolute certainty about a predicament by CaroleReport definition

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