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(v) To give permission or possibility to; allow: I let them borrow the car. The inheritance let's finally purchase a property. See Usage Note at leave1.
(v) resulting in to; make: allow development be understood.
(v) made use of as an auxiliary in the important to express a command, request, or suggestion: let us complete the work! Let x equal y.
(v) to be hired or rented.
(v) to-be or become assigned, as to a contractor.
(v) To forbear.
(p) let down resulting in in the future down gradually; reduced: let down the sails.
(p) let down To withdraw assistance from; forsake.
(p) disappointed To fail to meet up with the objectives of; dissatisfy.
(i) not to mention Not to mention; less: "Their ancestors was dust bad and not saw royalty, let-alone hung around with them” ( Garrison Keillor).
(i) let it go To cease to use; dismiss: must allow 20 workers get.
(i) let-off on Informal resulting in to decrease, such as pressure; ease off on: let-off regarding fuel so we do not go beyond the speed limitation.
(n) a thing that hinders; an obstacle: able to research without let or hindrance.
(n) Sports An invalid stroke in tennis and other web games that requires a replay.
(n) An obstacle or barrier.
(v) allowing to, to not prevent (+ infinitive, but generally without to).
(v) To allow the release of (a fluid).
(v) allowing possession of (home etc.) in return for rent.
To permit or enable (is or even to do), either earnestly or passively; grant or purchase freedom (to): followed closely by an infinitive without to: since, to let one do while he pleases; to allow slip the opportunity.
For this reason also much utilized as a kind of crucial auxiliary, with following infinitive, to create imperative first and third persons: since, allow him be accursed (actually, enable him is accursed); let them retire at the same time; let us pray; i'd like to be listened to whenever I speak.
To provide with leave or capability by direct activity or agency; enable, cause, or make to accomplish or even be: accompanied by an infinitive without to (except inside passive), or by a definitive adjective or adverb (with ellipsis of go, come, or get ahead of the adverb): as, i am going to inform you my choice; let me understand your claim; to allow an individual in (also come in or enter); to allow a person from jail.

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a shortening associated with the saying "let it be" also derived from the Norwegian pronunciation of "easy," it means "ease up," "chill" or "take it easy." by Evon AburtoReport definition
keyword found in annoyance as a type of sarcasm. by LonReport definition

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A call that halts play whenever: a shuttle is suspended on the top of this net, passes the internet and becomes caught on the reverse side associated with internet; a new player touches the web or articles along with his racket, clothes or any part of their body; a new player has his racket or any section of their body within the net, or obstructs an opponent's swing. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
The expression used when a spot is replayed, additionally the method by which a person can get recompense for a fault or unfair behavior from an opposing player. These situations feature: avoiding a person from getting a definite view or having a chance to strike or achieve the baseball; in the event that ball touches another baseball; if a new player is prevented from holding the baseball because of either becoming obstructed or through concern with problems for himself or the resistance. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
A rally amongst the players from where no things can be scored. This is as a result of any number of situations, but it is around the umpire's discernment to call a let when he views fit. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
known as if it is judged that point must be played once again. This really is mostly known as on a serve if baseball hits the internet but places in the appropriate solution courtroom. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
An undecided point that is replayed. Rallies tend to be replayed whenever a striker strikes the ball in a fashion that doesn't ensure the security of their adversary; a person is sidetracked by an rence from the court; the receiver is not prepared when it comes to serve and does not attempt to return offer; the baseball breaks during play; or judge circumstances affect play. A let can also be offered if a player cannot reach the baseball beacause of obstruction, or he fears for protection of their opponent if he tries to strike the basketball. by Wynell SaltzReport definition

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    • lets, letting
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