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(n) the career or workplace of a leader: ascended into the leadership of this celebration.
(n) ability or power to lead: revealed strong management during her very first term in workplace.
(n) a team of leaders: met using the management of country's top unions.

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management is fantastic women and men with specific chosen characteristics influencing supporters to accomplish just what the leaders want in order to achieve group/organizational targets that reflect excellence understood to be some sort of advanced level effectiveness. - Joseph RostLeaders inducing followers to behave for several goals that represent the values plus the motivations--the wants and needs, the apirations and expections--of both leaders and followers. - James MacGregor Burns by Nikita IsabellReport definition
an alternate lifestyle and tradition created this season by the students of Penrith high-school. It's regularly celebrated by the students with standard greetings particularly "Leadership!" or affirming the advice of management with, "Mmm, yeah, management." Various other variations for this motif have since emerged, consequently they are all thought to be canonical.Leadership, inside context, can be utilized as a noun, if not as a verb or adjective. by Sabrina AmmannReport definition
an extensive buzzword tossed around such by every company every where that it features basically lost all meaning. (i.e. answer into the IT area.) Just what exactly is leadership now? It really is simply a word. Mostly utilized by businesses to weed out people who do not think they have 'it'. This word-type of 'Leadership' is measured in exactly how much bullshit a person can spew to straight back as to what they believe 'leadership' certainly is. by Tawanna DerosaReport definition
noun: An umbrella term definition, or relating to, becoming associated with lame/pointless/time-wasting/tax-dollar-wasting/tuition-dollar-wasting "opportunities" at University of Wisconsin - Green Bay. Those that take part in "leadership" frequently be involved in among six businesses having various brands, but they are really yet thing. In addition they end up with a lack of the buddies department - they're losers and also have nothing else better to do. Usually you will discover a "leader" as simply the contrary as Webster defines. Actually, leadership is extremely exciting for those "leaders" they usually have a leadership boner (see "leadership boner"). They come to be so completely torqued at word "leadership" that they pop a juicy, raging boner. This boner remains raging until they've been correctly drawn off and/or banged. Unfortuitously for them, "leadership" is female repellent. The management boner rarely reverts into the flaccid state. In summary, "leadership" is a word regularly provide false credit and affirmations to lame students along with the psychologically retarded. by Thea WinbushReport definition
Being second guessed by every wise small twat with a mouth. by Sonja SevierReport definition
"How we it, leadership will not begin with energy but rather with a compelling in sight or goal of superiority." by Cleora WoodReport definition
a diverse buzzword tossed around such by every organization every where it has basically lost all meaning. (in other words. solution within the IT area.) It really is ordinarily employed by companies to weed out individuals who don't think they usually have 'it'. Real management is in fact an excercise in bullshitting. The quantity of bullshit an individual may spew back as to what leadership certainly is, is the greatest measure of management. by ShirleyReport definition

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