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People on line originally stated elite. Then this changed to leet. Then this changed to L33t. Then this changed to 1337.Now, the last evolution is L3.1Rl3=Im L3 by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
To teabag in a videogame using the crouch purpose after killing somebody. Primarially utilized in Halo. Derived from the switch used to perform the command. by Jacque ClevelandReport definition
may be the control on halo 3, to crouch...when tapped repeatively, it really is familiar with beverage case some one you killed... by Dortha RaoReport definition
employed by the musical organization The suits to explain their particular concerts: real time, Loud, and regional by Hilde ColemanReport definition
in the wonderful world of Escorts and Spa/Studio, L3 (or degree 3) is full penis/vaginal sex. (See L1 and L2) by LacyReport definition
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