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1000 electron volts. by Kendra DearingReport definition

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a male whom thinks he could be 'solid'. Can frequently be caught making his very own raps up, or rapping along to Eminem and stuff like that. Also referred to as 'complete and complete tossers'. Skaters hate Kevs / Townies. by HertaReport definition
noun working-class teen which enjoys dangling round on street corners and generally becoming a nuisance. Easily identified due to their love of burberry hats, carbrining hoodys, trackies tucked to their white clothes and either nike shocks or rockports to their feet. Also present in helly hansen and berghaus coats, with regards to the weather condition.synonyms include chav, townie, shaz (female) by TeodoroReport definition
wanker scum which comes froma council property, generally wear tracksuit, gold-chain and baseball cap and shitty trainers. think they're solid and walk like they're wanting to hold their drugs concealed up they may be arse. shuld be shot on the spot by OrvalReport definition
A kev is an overall total twat whom thinks he is it. He frequently wears trainers with springs on it (known as Nike Shox) and Scottish Kilt clothes like Burberry. Obtained an enormous vendetta against rockers (just who rule may I add:-D)and are certain to get any opportunity to begin them. They are scrawny and scatty small tramps whom think theyre 10 ft (theyre really 4ft) tall and 250 lbs and usually begin u whenever theyre with a group of pals. As an example - 12 months 8 boy, 4ft 6ins "Yo star! You biggin around myself?" you might be a 5ft 6ins guy - you do not require to.You have to appreciate these kids in ways - truth be told there bravery, courage, not enough cock, decreased strength not to mention, talking about my instance, not enough level. If you know any person hoo is indeed, a kev, utilize this definition which will make him realise their place by AlainaReport definition
In addition: Chavs, Scallies, Townies...These are the coolest folks in the world!!! in fact...nah. Not at all. The exact opposite. All of them are the absolute most uncool people irrespective of their characters, due to the fact, lets face it, they don't have characters. How to explain them would be to state that they have only enough mind cells to just accept individuals who look a similar as they do; when they can view a mirror then at another individual and see a different person, it confuses them, as well as lash on violently in the other person.For this reason, all chavs look the same, with artificial burberry, jewelery and tracksuits. They pay for such extravagances (in their eyes definitely) with money taken from old ladies' bags and government benifits (because the government think that they ought to rob from the civilised people in culture in order to give to lazy, fat yobs which can't get-off their arses for very long enough to also learn the english language. by Anneliese ByrumReport definition
often go round and across the city center within their souped up cars pumping trashy techno beats out hteir house windows,perving at any girl avove the age of 12, whilst ragging the fuck out their particular 1.1 engines. couple of wankers really. by Alease MeunierReport definition
A twat in a Burberry limit from a council property. Greater course kevs frequently obtain Prada, Gucci etc. simply because they thing it makes all of them upper-class. by ArnoldoReport definition
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