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(name) The Temple of JavaismThe Java equilvalant of Judaism. Javaism does without a doubt have a savior, therefore it is a lot different after that Judaism although aforementioned term nevertheless remains real. Javaism's God has actually three components. Father- Lord Gosling Son - Josh Hennessey Spirit - Javas Christ each one is supple names for the Javac Jesus. The faith ended up being founed by a Bovellian named Dennis. A Zuppe or Zoop is also involved along with Josh Hennessey himself. Another unidentified being has aided in the contstruction for this faith however it at this time undefined at that time.One who practices Javaism is called a Jav.Javaism recently discovered its roots but currently a conspiracy features spawned. That a Bovellian is utilizing it as a ploy for world dominatoin. The substance of this rumor is undecided. by RodolfoReport definition
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