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(n) A land size, particularly one smaller than a continent, entirely surrounded by liquid.
(n) some thing resembling an island, particularly in being separated or encircled, as:
(n) An unattached cooking area counter providing comfortable access from all sides.
(v) which will make into or just as if into an island; insulate: a secluded mansion, islanded by shrubbery and fences.
(v) resulting in to become or even to resemble an island; to produce an island or countries of; to isle.
(v) To furnish with an island or with countries.
(v) To surround with liquid; make into an island
(v) setting, dot (like) with countries
(v) To isolate
resulting in to be or look like an island; insulate.
To dot just like countries.
See Iceland, Iceland dog.

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A bowel motion so huge it breaks the top of lavatory liquid, creating an island when you look at the bowl. by Harvey MaudlinReport definition
someplace where people are often nice together, no body's in a rush, men and women end and communicate with each other on the road even in nasty weather condition, there are no secrets, and life simply practically works the way it should most of the time. It is not also complicated. by MelanyReport definition
In nyc and surrounding suburbs 'The Island' means Long Island. Especially the geographical section of longer Island that doesn't include the new york boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens which are officially ON extended Island. That's, it describes Nassau and Suffolk counties (of brand new York State). by VadaReport definition
A word accustomed describe your self to be single usually whenever a person is too embarrassed to use the word 'single'. by FerneReport definition
a area of land 100per cent in the middle of liquid by CalvinReport definition
An island is a gay individual that is certainly not on the scene and usually cannot care to be about it. Usually because he knows just what drama it involves. Islands are content living on their island, isolated around their particular sea of girlfriends. Additionally, as the seas may be well-charted , few people might know he's away, or know of him, tho generally they're away or simply sooo demonstrably homosexual. Unless you have actually habit of visiting the tropics then u may not understand all of them! by RonnieReport definition
If a cup is divided from the remaining glasses a shooting player may phone "island". If called and struck successfully two cups tend to be eliminated (that glass and any other). If called and another glass is hit that cup remains available no glass is taken away. by Helene InouyeReport definition

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