What does inhale mean?

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(v) To draw (air or smoke, for instance) in to the lungs by respiration; motivate.
(v) Informal To consume quickly or eagerly; devour: inhaled meal and then hurried off to the conference.
(v) To inhale or draw into the lungs; to inspire; ; -- against exhale.
(v) To breathe in; encourage.
(v) To draw smoke into the lungs; puff.
(v) To draw air to the lungs, through nostrils or lips by action of the diaphragm.
(v) to attract atmosphere or any form of fuel (either in a pure form, or combined with small particles in form of aerosols/smoke -sometimes stemming from a medicament) to the lungs, through nostrils or lips by activity of this diaphragm.
(v) for eating quickly.
to attract in, as environment in to the lung area; attract by respiration, or by some analogous process.

inhale in Community Dictionary

a thing that Obama did and Clinton did not. by LyleReport definition
to eat rapidly, to consume faster than you need to by LyleReport definition
(U.S.) Eat without pausing to chew. by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
to inhale, ideally weed smoke by Alton BoykoReport definition
1) once you inhale something such as environment or smoke into your lungs2) to consume anything rapidly by AlainaReport definition

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    • inspire, breathe, draw, inbreathe, sniff
  • Antonym for "inhale"
    • exhale
  • Verb Forms for "inhale"
    • inhaled, inhales, inhaling
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    • smoke
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    • inhaled, inhaling
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    • exhale, atomization, posssible, sit, hey
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