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a non existant word this is certainly in fact spelt 'infatuation'. by Rashida CorbinReport definition
a rigorous, occasionally temporary curiosity about an interest, rendering it seem like anything you encounter relates to and/or reminds you of the concept, area, object, an such like. In addition the tendency to gather and hoarde knowledge, trivia, etc about your subject. by Exie GardReport definition
A non-existent term that, no matter how often you smack some one upside your head trying to correct them, they will not think the term is obviously pronounced "infatuation". INFA-TUATION, you stupid children. Making me personally waste my time trying to attain you. by PatrickReport definition
frequently confused for infatuation, Infactuation should really be recognised on your own terms as being when you look at the state of obsessively pursuing the important points. Individuals who attempt to win arguments through the use of either real or made up research tend to be bad to be in this condition. by QuinnReport definition
this means something such as whenever u think u like/love somebody but u really dont...after at some point you are going to realize that... by SamuelReport definition
Dizzy, large feeling of extreme like. May feel just like love but ahead of the powerful relationship. Can cause love or an abrupt not enough interest. by Dave DibenedettoReport definition
a stupid method for individuals cause infatuation, which will be a genuine word, while infactuation could be the way an idiot spells infatuation by Clemmie CabanaReport definition
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