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(a) Covered over with ice.
(a) Chilled with ice.
(a) Decorated or coated with icing.
(v) Simple past tense and previous participle of ice.
Covered with ice; became ice; frozen.
Cooled with ice; very cold: as, iced-tea; iced wine.
Covered with concreted sugar; frosted: as, iced cake.

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getting killed, to die. by Pearlie ParnellReport definition
(V). The work of drinking a Smirnoff Ice using one leg as fast as you possbly can, following presentation of the 'ice' in an imaginative fashion. by LarryReport definition
A drinking online game where when a person is offered a Smirnoff Ice they need to chug it immediately.Rules are simple and the following:1. A Smirnoff Ice is provided at any time and also at any area.2. If provided, the presenter will say, "you have been Iced!" The victim must chug the Smirnoff Ice immediately.3. If the Victim features a Smirnoff Ice already prepared, they can complete an "Ice Block" when the initial presenter must chug all Smirnoff Ice involved. by DaneReport definition
Killed by Terrence MaddixReport definition
Covered with diamonds/platinum/other sparkly and important products. by DemarcusReport definition
Another way to convey a death of a fellow individual, whether in true to life or in a video clip online game. Begun on Planetside 2 Briggs by S3xypillows and enthusiastically copied and innovated by ICECOLD just who took the meaning to optimum potential causing almost all of Briggs to now recognize and use the term. by AbbeyReport definition
(verb) become exceedingly adorned with jewellery and/or conspicuous garments as well as other bling accoutrements. by MandyReport definition

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  • Sentence for "iced"
  • Synonym for "iced"
    • frosted, glacĂ©, frappĂ©
  • Phrases for "iced"
    • iced tea, iced cider, iced coffee, iced over, drinking iced
  • Rhyme for "iced"
    • Christ, Kleist, diced, enticed, feist
  • Form for "iced"
    • iced coffee
  • Verb Stem for "iced"
    • ice
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