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(n) an associate associated with the genus Homo and especially of species H. sapiens.
(n) A person: the extraordinary people who explored Antarctica.
(n) a person being, whether man, lady or son or daughter.
(a) Of, relating to, or characteristic of humans: the program of personal occasions; the people.
(a) Having or showing those strengths of nature and character regarded as distinguishing people from other pets: an act of individual kindness.
(a) susceptible to or indicative of this weaknesses, defects, and fragility involving humans: a mistake that displays he's just person; person frailty.
Of, related to, or characteristic of guy or of humanity; getting the qualities or characteristics of guy: as, human being life or nature; a human being; real human shape.
with respect to the sphere, nature, or faculties of guy; relative or proper to humanity; boring; secular; perhaps not divine: as, peoples knowledge, wisdom, or research; peoples matters.
In astrology, an indication of the zodiac corresponding to a constellation having for the figure a human being. The personal indications tend to be Gemini, Virgo, Aquarius, while the very first half of Sagittarius. Synonyms Human, etc. See humane.

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A fictional competition of Argonimorphic apes, provided in publications, films, reports as well as in the actual life. Humans are warm-blooded, soft-skinned, flat-faced, unsightly animals, which tent in order to make things that are stunning unsightly. The apes tend to be instead unintelligent (the typical cleverness quotient is 100), their main obsessions are domination, copulation (population over 6.600.000.000 and it is nonetheless growing, it will probably until the apes run-out of meals, this fixation may causes deviations, which will be some type of a psyche decease or very dangerous effect), personal integration (the greater friends they have - the higher it is). They are treacherous, most useful to not trust them. The violence level is really so high that they can not access it without killing one another, every excuse is great to start out a military conflict, or at least humiliate the opposing part and tv show an individual's domination across other side. In addition, humans have become unusual, including, in a face to manage contact to communicate you've got not merely utilize words, but additionally mimics, gesticulation and the so-called, overall "body language". On the whole, they will have a tendency for over expression of the emotions, yet they generally seem to have no real feelings whatsoever or have actually exceptionally shallow feelings. A lot of them additionally trust "faith", which will be a thing that functions as a justification for his or her blunders and incorrect life decisions. A lot of the person governments, or even them all, tend to be Kleptocratic. Humans supply really weird feeling of beauty, they start thinking about ugly things (as an example: snowfall mountains) as "breath taking". Generally they cannot make use of the most basic reasoning. Paradoxically, every thing in their life must certanly be in a great purchase, everything need a number, a name, each product has its own own place in their domiciles, work locations or wherever. In addition they like plenty of enjoyment in addition they can not continue to be severe whenever required. It's also well worth noticing that within the individual communities the psychological Quotient (also referred to as EQ, also referred to as inter private intelligence or mental cleverness) is a lot more crucial as compared to real Intelligence Quotient, simply put: it really is better if you are charming than if you're intelligent. Humans have created over 3.000 languages and there are many more than 200 countries. Exactly why people do not want to unite is not known, while they utilize excuses such as for example "culture", "languages" and few other things. In man societies being cynical is perceived as a disadvantage, a poor part of character. Humans may also be really ignorant and conceited. A good example of their ignorance is fiction they generate. For a few not known reasons they believe that various other sentient events - if they, needless to say, exist, are precisely same as all of them. An amazing example of this would be the fan-made Argonian relevant modifications when it comes to video game The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, where people are showing their particular decreased simplest understanding and rational thinking by mistaking reptiles with animals et cetera. The actual only real expect preventing this insanity is the nuclear tools toolbox, that is possessed by some countries, eg Pakistan, India, France, US, Asia, uk or Russia. Note: This is not a sarcastic entry. by Irmgard CaponeReport definition
Incredibly arrogant animals whom seem to genuinely believe that they are the just types about this planet. by Exie GardReport definition
Bipedal animal available on world. Very first animal in biosphere to succesfully refine abstract thought into a lot more than the capability to lay and/or delude itself, humans developed the technique of picturing just how things may be and then preparing how to make truth fit the design. This professors converts in upon itself, but as soon as the effort fails, leading to these types of mental conflicts as self-loathing, prejudice against more succesful other people, self-worship, or sublimation of individualism into friends brain. Humans have borrowed numerous faculties from other species particularly trying to find enjoyment ( from cats and squids ), enslaving other types ( from ants ), protecting and nurturing other types to gather items from their store ( from ants ), spoiling various other creatures habitats by their very own constructs ( from beavers ), and creating and sharing habitats along with other animals ( from corals, rats and wild birds ). Humans have actually developed a number of principles for themselves, including creative endevour because of its very own sake, resource gathering and stockpiling for the very own sake, lack of knowledge and self-delusion as a natural right, love and destination perhaps not entirely for the true purpose of reproduction, worship of the different, insufficient diversity as a positive, and worship of the identical. Humans can handle percieving they are lower than whatever they imagine by themselves to-be. It is not only their major problem, it's also their particular major energy. by DamienReport definition
The smartest animal worldwide that still acts like a dumb pet from time to time. by Demetra BrandenburgReport definition
Self-absorbed creatures in clothing. by ArnoldoReport definition
A species of idiots that, sadly, WE-ALL belong to. by Elmira TorbertReport definition

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