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(a) hour
(a) horizontal rule
(n) An abbreviation for time, the period of time add up to 1/24th of per day.
(n) A contraction of time.
(n) some time equal to 1/24th of every single day

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hr. A non-value included part of many big businesses. Recruiting is a worthless unit in a company very often has actually power beyond its members' amount of cleverness. Recruiting generally speaking uses the majority of its time justifying its existence. by HankReport definition
The analytical acronym for "Home Run" in baseball. by Claudio BeamerReport definition
Hand Release, hand relief...also known as give Job by Virgie KerseyReport definition
Free-for-all employing considering favoritism and nepotism. These "professionals" benefit the business or organization rather than for worker, but theoretically, the org is composed of supervisors which can be sub-humans, so the name became "Human Resources".Traits of HR workers tend to be: laziness, low-confidence, authoritarian, anti-social, and weak-willed.Many venturing to the profession rapidly abandon their career as they have actually a greater morality as compared to bottom-feeders whom decide to pull their particular heart away in to the dingy abyss referred to as "Corporate". Look in for their eyes and notice the emptiness and lack of personality.Official definition: Slag whom dislikes folks and him/herself and desires to get a grip on other individuals.Still, no body truly knows what else they do in-between interviews and "think-tank" sessions - yeah, fine...you suggest coffee(booze)-breaks and surfing Ebay for resued self-help publications, craft supplies and spanx. by Evon AburtoReport definition
HR- Human ResourceThat embarrassing kid in school that attempted to be popular but were unsuccessful; and, in their pursuit to know their rejection they picked a profession in which they are able to stress on it - attempting desperately to determine the formula for popularity.Desperate when it comes to recognition, they intellectualise intangible man qualities into absurd pseudo technology jargon like – efficient performance indicator and other equally useless group connecting workout. Unfortunately, similar to once they had been kids, a little bit of feign interest will get them performing a lot nasty shit. Convinced they've finally managed to make it, they're going down like giggling college women and do shit that no-one really wants to do or care truly for. by Joseph JohnsrudReport definition
Commonly found within a large federal government department human resource division are the senior human resource expert expert supervisors, usually refered to as person stays (hour). by BrigidaReport definition

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  • Sentence for "hr"
  • Synonym for "hr"
    • hour, 60 minutes
  • Phrases for "hr"
    • hr spending
  • Hyponym for "hr"
    • person hour, sidereal hour, man hour
  • Hypernym for "hr"
    • time unit, unit of time
  • Same Context for "hr"
    • E., hughcortazzi, hp, FT, shr
  • Variant for "hr"
    • hour
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