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(n) contract in sensation or viewpoint; agreement: inhabit harmony.
(n) an enjoyable mix of elements in an entire: color equilibrium; your order and harmony of the world. See Synonyms at proportion.
(n) Music the analysis of this framework, development, and relation of chords.

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likely one of a caring, and giving state. withstands many negative reactions. upbeat. Powerful veiws in most aspect, forgiving, and forgetful. ditzy. and great sexual experience. by ErnestReport definition
a completely gorgeous girl. her eyes tend to be beautiful and blue, and shes a chameleon who is constantly wanting to mix aided by the individuals around this lady. she always breaks her own heart without indicating to. she comes down as crazy and outgoing, but behind it's a shy woman simply waiting to be loved. she never ever gets addressed right by men...so end up being the first!!! she is the main one you wished you'd gone completely within high-school. by Roman RenardReport definition
1. mix of multiple musical notes to create chords which have a pleasing effect/forming a nice and consistent whole2. arrangement or concord3. in the Harry Potter books by JK Rowling, harmony is yet another name when it comes to Harry and Hermione ship (equivalent to celebrity couple names, aka Brad + Angelina = Brangelina. Harry + Hermione = Harmony).Harmonians, due to the fact supporters with this ship are known as, genuinely believe that Harry and Hermione's friendship had a whole lot more potential and level for an enchanting relationship than Ron and Hermione's bickering.Harmonians, or the Harmony ship, is often named "delusional," and Harmonians tend to be over repeatedly informed to reread the publications by Herons (The Ron and Hermione ship) which believe we missed all the anvil sized arguments, aka "hints," between Ron and Hermione that reveal their particular, um, "sexual" tension, when in fact Harmonians quite definitely recognize Heron's "I-hate-you-but-I-really-love-you, push-the-girl-on-the-playground-because-I-really-have-a-crush-on-you-Freudian-psycho-babble-theory thing they've taking place, but merely like the "love is relationship on fire/love without friendship for this's base is like a mansion built upon the sand" Harry and Hermione may have had going on. Harmonians in addition esteem Hermione enough to desire the girl becoming with someone that can really challenge (intellectually and otherwise) this lady as someone (Harry), instead of merely challenge her persistence (Ron). by Kandis HammonsReport definition
into the Harry Potter fanfiction world, another title the Harry/Hermione ship. by RandyReport definition
she is so quiet when you first satisfy the girl, however so various when you get to understand the girl. It's tough not to ever adore the woman when she opens up your responsibility, and there after it only gets better.She's either the lady you regret maybe not asking in high-school, or your youth lover. by Yvonne MerrowReport definition
hottest most beautiful girl anybody could ever before require, most useful most useful best. by Dorethea KrickReport definition
Normaly a lovely, musical and caring woman. She might seem shy to any or all that don't understand this lady, but this woman is outbound and down to earth to those she knows well. As soon as you become good friends with Harmony, she will open to you along with your relationship will last a life time. by AdalineReport definition

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    • melody, diatessaron
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    • interfaith harmony, racial harmony, sing harmony, harmony with, in harmony
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    • disharmony
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    • agreement, consistency, unity, smoothness, order
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    • dispersed harmony
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    • unity, melody, beauty, simplicity, happiness
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    • harmonic
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