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a.) Right Noun. A word commonly used as a name, more commonly as a last title. Some make use of the last title as a nickname for someone who actually does undoubtedly have the last name Halsey. b.) A name high in record in the Navy and historic neighborhood (especially WWII).c.) A rather smart person, or a very not-so-smart person.d.) a hall monitor, generally known as a rat, nerd, or a four-eyes.e.) It is a little recognized proven fact that in Greek Mythology, a God by the name of Halsenthia (later on reduced to Halsey) ruled very much of intercourse and human pleasure. This included all sex acts, especially regarding advanced level roles and orgasms. by Lashon PostmaReport definition
A small Oregon town that only consistently endure due to: a large paper mill two miles west of town, and an amazing brand new trend to reside far away through the office with S.U.V.'s at the same time whenever gasoline costs a lot more than your typical computer system or 2nd mortgage. by Danelle CuddyReport definition
a lady just who got popular because she trashed Taylor Swift in 2012 with "The Haylor Song" and it is today an indie/alternative singer that knows the musical organization 5 Seconds of Summer. by Thea WinbushReport definition
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