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(n) Precipitation in the shape of spherical or unusual pellets of ice larger than 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) in diameter.
(n) something which falls because of the force and amount of a shower of ice and tough snowfall: a hail of pebbles; a hail of criticism.
(n) The work of greeting or acclaiming.
(v) To precipitate in pellets of ice and hard snow.
(v) To fall like hailstones: Condemnations hailed upon them.
(v) To signal or phone to a passing ship as a greeting or recognition.
(v) To put (anything) down or forth: They hailed insults at me.
(v) To salute or greet.
(v) To greet or acclaim enthusiastically: The crowds hailed the boxing winner.
(i) regularly show a greeting or tribute.
(i) An exclamation of respectful or reverent salutation, or, occasionally, of familiar greeting.
(p) hail from ahead or result from: She lives in Tx.
(v) Said of the weather whenever hail is dropping.
(v) to send or launch hail
(v) to greet
(a) Healthy, whole, safe.
(a) healthier. See hale (the preferable spelling).
To pour down hail.
To put straight down or put forth like hail; emit in fast succession.
identify hale.

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When you throw change at a stripper/slut. by MichaelReport definition
definitely dependent on the net and Laziness.Acronym composed due to the fact that we practically hail cyberspace for its enjoyment and laziness establishing faculties. by Belkis LoftonReport definition
accustomed show a greeting or tribute. by Cecil OlberdingReport definition
to recognize the presence of the all-knowing, all-showing, and all-glowing Brain. by DinahReport definition
occurs when a large sum of coins are tossed at a stripper in the place of report cash, the tossing of paper money comprises the term "making it rain" by Nilsa BogardReport definition

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  • Synonym for "hail"
    • accost, salute, address, name, designate
  • Verb Forms for "hail"
    • hailed, hailing, hails
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    • baseball-sized hail, quarter-sized hail, sized hail, Large hail, Egg-sized hail
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    • Bayle, Braille, Dail, Dale, Gael
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    • call, send for, applaud, fall, precipitate
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    • greet, to hail for a trip, to hail from, hall mary, to hail the ball
  • Form for "hail"
    • hailed, hailing, hailstone, hail storm, hailstorm
  • Same Context for "hail"
    • sleet, rain, tempest, shower, thunder
  • Variant for "hail"
    • hale
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