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(n) The alimentary channel or a portion thereof, particularly the intestine or stomach.
(n) The embryonic digestive tube, comprising the foregut, the midgut, while the hindgut.
(n) The bowels; entrails; viscera.
(v) to get rid of the intestines or entrails of; eviscerate.
(v) To extract essential or major components of: gut a manuscript.
(v) To destroy the inner of: Fire gutted the house.
(a) Slang Arousing or involving basic emotions; visceral: "Conservationism is a gut issue in the West” ( Saturday Review).
(a) made from gut, e.g., a violin with gut strings
(a) Instinctive, e.g., a gut effect
(i) gut it Slang to exhibit pluck and persistence facing resistance or adversity.
(v) To eviscerate.
(v) to eliminate or destroy the main elements of.
(v) vacant completely; destroy the interior of
To take out the entrails of; disembowel; eviscerate.
To plunder of articles; destroy or remove the inside of: as, the burglars gutted the shop.

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  • Synonym for "gut"
    • intenstine, bowel, entrails, eviscerate, catgut
  • Verb Forms for "gut"
    • guts, gutted, gutting
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    • gut wrenching, gut feelings, gut Fast-Track, gut tells, gut reaction
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    • Hutt, Knut, abut, but, butt
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    • cord, empty, channel, remove, take
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    • fore-gut, branchial gut, hind-gut, mid-gut, to have guts in the brains
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    • blood-and-guts
  • Form for "gut"
    • gutted, gutting, gutless, gutsy, gut flora
  • Same Context for "gut"
    • belly, lung, intestine, Liver, skull
  • Variant for "gut"
    • catgut
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