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(n) Black dust or soot, particularly these types of dust clinging to or ingrained in a surface.
(n) Dirt, oil, soot, etc. which ingrained and difficult to remove.
(n) A genre of metropolitan music that emerged in London, England, in the early 2000s, mainly a development of British storage, dancehall, and rap.
(v) to pay for with black colored dirt or soot; begrime.
(v) To sully or soil profoundly; to dirt.
(v) To begrime; to dessert with soil
(v) make soiled, filthy, or dirty
To cover with dirt; soil; befoul; begrime.

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A Sub genere of UK Garage music. Grime can be referred to as sublo and 8 Bar.Grime is normally built around an alternative bassline that switches every 8 bar.Grime features similarities to very early electro and techno music.Grime is often rapped over by storage Mc's by CristiReport definition
London ghetto music, the brit same in principle as ragga and hip-hop. designed for the youth because of the childhood. natural music, natural rhymes, perhaps not polished or commerciallised nevertheless Grimey!! by Nella DerossettReport definition
category of music produced from Uk Garage and Hip-Hop however with influence from forest, rock, techno, dance and lots of other styles.Sometimes called a sub category of UKG and Hip-HopOriginated in London, England by Lashon PostmaReport definition
dirty UNITED KINGDOM garage based songs by BobbieReport definition
Grime is certainly not garageGrime is not jungleGrime is not hip-hop and Grime just isn't ragga.Grime is a mix between each one of these with powerful, hard hitting words. It is the inner-city songs scene of London.And can be alot regarding representing the place your home is or have become up in. by Lindsey CocklinReport definition
Grime is a style of music, even a lifestyle for some.Similar to hip hop, grime borrows from many songs styles. Grime is heavily influenced by hip hop and rate garage, really being a cross involving the two. Other strong impacts in grime feature drum 'n' bass, dub, dubstep, reggea, and soul.Grime mc's spit slower than rave mc's (ie delighted hardcore mc's), yet quicker than many hip hop mc's. Regarding tempo, grime ranges between 120bpm and 140bpm generally following a 2/4 or 4/4 time trademark.Grime features a very close, dried out noise. Results such huge reverbs, lengthy echos, phazers and choruses an such like are generally not used in grime manufacturing. Grime instrumentals have simple beats, often sounding a little off kilter or regarding time. Basses borrow greatly from speed garage and drum 'n' bass while supporting vocals are often sampled from heart and pop documents. Hasten chipmonk voices may ever popular. The grime scene in the united kingdom is mostly about exactly the same dimensions as the UNITED KINGDOM hiphop scene. Numerous designers cross over significantly between your two designs inside their flows. Most grime headz dress yourself in track matches, baggy shirts and baseball limits. Generally speaking, grime fans tend to be young and reside in towns. by TiffanieReport definition

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  • Sentence for "grime"
  • Synonym for "grime"
    • dirt
  • Verb Forms for "grime"
    • grimed, grimes, griming
  • Phrases for "grime"
    • grime flying, the grime, grime and, this grime
  • Rhyme for "grime"
    • Dime, Lyme, Time, anticrime, chime
  • Hypernym for "grime"
    • uncleanness, dirtiness
  • Same Context for "grime"
    • soot, Italo-, filth, grease, slime
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