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(n) any one of numerous orthopteran bugs for the households Locustidae (or Acrididae) and Tettigoniidae, usually destructive to plants and characteristically having long, effective hind legs adapted for bouncing. Also called regionally hoppergrass.
(n) A light, frequently unarmed aircraft employed for liaison and scouting.
(n) A cocktail composed of crème de menthe, crème de cacao, and cream.

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a phrase for some one learning from a wiser master. Often utilized in mockery when some thing is 'common knowledge' that is effortlessly forgotten.This term is similar to padwan. by KimberyReport definition
Dumb little insects which get off on leaping around into the grass in my backyard. They generate great eating when deep-fried. They a and delicious and crunchy supply of vitamin C and various and sundry proteins. My pet likes them too though, so we battle over who are able to get them the fastest. by Valeria SantosReport definition
someone who has got the practice of hopping from 1 possible suitor to another. Usually for the intended purpose of fornication. by DarlenaReport definition
A sexual maneuver for which you squeeze a woman's clit in the middle of your list finder and flash and gently yet quickly scrub your hands forward and backward like a grasshopper rubs it's feet. by DamienReport definition
Term that describes person who is a novice, a greenhorn, a student/disciple, a subordinate, or simply simply ignorant.Has its beginnings from the "Kung Fu" television show from 1970s, starring David Carradine as Shaolin priest Kwai Chang Caine. As a young pupil during the Shaolin temple, Caine, in the youthful lack of knowledge, takes pity on a blind Shaolin master, thinking the master's loss of sight is an awful condition. The master quickly corrects Caine, illustrating that despite their blindness, their awareness of the entire world is a lot higher than Caine's -- like, the master takes notice of the grasshopper at Caine's feet whereas Caine will not. From that moment on, the blind master befriends Caine and becomes a mentor to him. He offers Caine the nickname of "Grasshopper" in an affectionate mention of the this first encounter. by LacyReport definition

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    • cocktail
  • Cross Reference for "grasshopper"
    • cone-nosed grasshopper, green grasshopper, long-horned grasshopper, short-horned grasshopper, meadow-grasshopper
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    • knee high to a grasshopper
  • Same Context for "grasshopper"
    • locust, termite, cricket, beetle, caterpillar
  • Variant for "grasshopper"
    • locust, hopper
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