What does glittoris mean?

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The enjoyment center of a vajazzled vagina. by Alton BoykoReport definition
1. a clit covered in glitter2. a gay man's clit by Evon AburtoReport definition
1. adj. utilized like 'glitterous' such as anything glittery. but it has a sexy/dirty connotation also. (thus the two-letter distinction to clitoris ) if you cannot choose the best terms for someone/thing which completely sparkle and enjoyable and secret and awesome and shit.. utilize glittoris.2. title for someone who:a. possesses the above mentioned attributes,b. is obsessed with sparkle andc. likes to party&knows how to get a little dirty.3. name for everything covered in sparkle, from a sparkly top hat to a... clit by DevonaReport definition
when a woman purchases a kit designed to bejewel her cellphone, but alternatively bejewels her entire vagina, inside and out. by Hortencia DaileyReport definition
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