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(n) A swimming event or leg of a meeting where the participants may pick any stroke.
(n) The crawl.
(n) A competition, as with figure skating, skiing, or browsing, where any maneuver or movement is allowed and competitors tend to be evaluated on their creative expression, acrobatic skill, and athletic expertise.
(v) To improvise your own design; to ad-lib (especially in rap songs).

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1) relates to songs (usually rap and sometimes techno) in which all things are made because they go along. In rap, folks constitute words as they go along, but in techno, the DJ improvises music and blends tracks on the spot.2) A move in activities (especially extreme recreations) in which somebody brings off a stunt that doesnt really follow any recommendations for regular move. by DarlenaReport definition
A highly experimental method of approaching problems (like the thought of "winging it" in many Western cultures). Merging components of pragmatism and daredevil improvisation, freestyling is promoting into a distinctive and controversial approach. You can find presently plans to further its cult condition by lobbying the Hong-Kong government to incorporate "freestyle" as a religion. Rumored is pioneered by one "Nicholas" (alias "Darth Vader") of a prestigious twelfth grade in Hong-Kong, freestyle-ing is observed as an uncommon and desirable quality only a select couple of posses. by LarryReport definition
verb. noun: freestylabilityAs in opposition to the commonly known definition of freestyle i.e which will make up songs as you get, freestyle in general means one thing similar to 'winging' it but in a more basic feeling. Freestyling a test is always to result in the answers up as you go and largely implies a diploma of achievement. Getting a 0 without learning is certainly not freestyling. Nor is getting a 100 with studying. Getting a 100 without studying is 'freestyle'. Getting a 0 with studying is simply plain unfortunate. Nick Wong is the Godfather of Freestyle and is presently training P.Dir to be the next Godfather; lookout for him by FannyReport definition
When gentlemen urinate without securing to there penis. Going there human anatomy to make sure that the trail of urine enters the bathroom without having any spillage. by Bryce GeronimoReport definition
The music initially developed in the early 1980's mostly in significant urban centers just like the nyc, Philadelphia, and nj-new jersey section of the east United States of America. It had been a fusion of 70's disco and 80's breakdancing songs, impacted in addition by sampling present Hip-Hop. The genre may be additional subdivided into Old Schooland brand new class. Old-school ended up being usually created before 1991. FreeStyle songs overall is heavily impacted by Latin music, specifically regarding rhythms and brass/horn and keyboard components. The latin "clave" rhythm are experienced in lots of songs. The tempo of FreeStyle songs is virtually constantly between 110 and 130 BPM (Beats each and every minute), usually around 118 BPM. The keyboard parts tend to be elegant and smart, with many brief melodies and countermelodies. Once again a solid impact of latin songs. The electro funk sound was altered and refined incorporating Latin-American rhythms and a totally syncopated drum noise. That has been absolutely grounds the reason why the design came into existence preferred among Latinas plus Italian People in the us. Thus, the brands "Latin rap" or "Latin Freestyle". Today, the greater amount of neutral term "Freestyle" is generally chosen. The motif associated with the lyrics is normally enchanting with a confident message. The topics developed so far haven't been extremely complex, and based more about a purely psychological reaction. by ShirleyReport definition
To make up a rap as you get. Could be a battle, a poem, or just a rap. by Dorthy FlakeReport definition

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Any swing works extremely well because of this event, although generally speaking rivals make use of the front crawl as this could be the quickest of this four rushing designs. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
the most typical design for target and field archery. Sighting devices tend to be permitted. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
Describes when a snowboarder takes environment and rides the pipeline. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
expert section whereby each rival finds as numerous different ways of sailing the board possible. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
categorized among the three official FILA styles, and another quite preferred moves a wrestler may use on the adversary. This can include using a hold, toss or trip. by Wynell SaltzReport definition
A race in which rivals can use any swing they want. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition
General term for party movements. by Nickolas YutzyReport definition

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